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OgyMogy A Powerful Spy App For Employees Monitoring

OgyMogy A Powerful Spy App For Employees Monitoring

If you are a manager or an employer who is in search of the best spy app to monitor the employee’s activities then you are at the right place even if you’re not an employer and are just interested in exploring and knowing about the best monitoring software or spy apps then you are welcome. As we are here to introduce you to a monitoring app that has some mind-blowing features that will let the user know about almost all the activities of the target person. Monitoring apps are built for the user like parents who want to keep an eye on their teen and their lifestyle or the employers who are interested in monitoring the employee’s activities both inside and outside the workplace. You can also use it to install in your elder smartphone thus it will help you to ensure their safety and protection.

A monitoring app can do wonders for you and as an employer can help in several of your tasks and responsibilities. A monitoring app is a must-have in this digital era and every organization should use it to enhance their employee’s productivity. A monitoring eye can push the limits and help the employees to achieve their assigned tasks within time and with dedication and hard work. The OgyMogy monitoring software is the spy app we are here to discuss about.

Screen Recording Feature:

OgyMogy has the screen recording feature which lets the user watch the screen of the target person at any given time. So you can make surprise visits to the employee’s window to check their progress rate or can watch the screen through the snapshots or small recorded videos of the target person screen activities.

Call Recording Feature:

Make sure no employees use excessive cell phones for longer calls and text messages in official hours as it can be a source of time wastage both for employees and organizations. The call recording feature allows the user to know all the details about the incoming and outgoing call records of the target person. You can also know about any new entry in the logbook as well through this feature. The OgyMogy has the SMS/MMS tracking feature which allows the user to read all the text messages with a time info.

Keylogging Feature:

The keylogging feature of The spy app records the keystrokes applied on the target person device. Using all the keystrokes data, users get remote access to all the ids, email, and other accounts and passwords. Thus keep an eye on their email correspondence, inbox, sent items and attachments, and make sure no employee shares any kind of confidential information or data with the outsiders.

Camera Bug App:

OgyMogy offers this powerful camera bug feature which allows the user to watch the surrounding of the target person device through his camera. So if you want to know about, if any specific employee is present in the office or if he is on his seat or not you can check that by camera bug feature of The OgyMogy.

Listen  To Microphone Surrounding:

The listen microphone surrounding feature bugs into the microphone of the android thus the user can hear the sound, voices, chats, and discussion around the target person. You can use this feature to track any bully in the office. Moreover, listen to the surrounding feature can help the user know about their employee’s discussion and opinion about official issues and projects.

Location Tracking:

OgyMogy lets the user know about the exact location of the target person at any time. Employers can use this feature to track the movements and locations of your employees and other workers like drivers or delivery guys and track their real-time movements. You can also mark a virtual buffer considering some areas under a safe zone and others in a restricted zone. 

OgyMogy offers many features that will allow the user to know about every minor activity of the employees. It offers different bundle packages, you can select the one that fulfills your demands and can install it in the target person gadget. The gadget can be a smartphone or laptop, tablet, or computer system. OgyMogy supports the Mac and windows and have a separate spy app version for android users as well.

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