Get Ready For Top-Notch On-Demand Delivery Solution For Companies

Get Ready For Top-Notch On-Demand Delivery Solution For Companies


It’s time to deliver your products timely with quick, reliable, and cost-effective on-demand delivery services! 

Every business looks forward to the on-demand delivery of its products and services. And, this is possible only with the help of on-demand delivery platforms like Flash Box. There are many on-demand delivery companies like us who aim to provide efficient services to their customers. Here’s how on-demand delivery services are becoming better each and every day – 

Multi Channeling Ordering 

With Flash Box, multi-channel ordering becomes simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, and reliable. You can use your native mobile applications or desktop apps for the same. Multi-channel ordering has become really popular for businesses these days and it’s possible with awesome on-demand delivery platforms like ours. 

Professional Fleet 

You can easily access a professional fleet of couriers with the help of these professional services with such platforms. Whenever you need to access it, you can. Professional fleet services are available at your doorsteps now. 

Live Tracking 

One of the best things about Flash Box is that you can easily go for live tracking options whenever you want. Track all your orders whenever you need to and you’ll be notified at every step along the way. 

Signature Discreet Packaging 

Packaging is done amazingly and all your products are wrapped with love and care. Plus, it’s beautifully delivered to the desired destination and the right person. 

Data And Analysis 

You can get timely reports and easy data analysis with our amazing applications available online. Keeping track of the services, timely delivery reports and everything becomes easier with the help of the data analysis feature available for you.

Effortless Integration 

With Flash Box,  you’ll get in touch with pre-built integration with all the innovatively designed commerce platforms. It means you’ll be a part of effortless integration.

Route Optimization

One of the best things about Flash Box is that you can easily stack around 20 addresses to improvise the pricing and efficacy with all the optimized algorithms. You can easily go for the route optimization and it won’t even cause any hassle. So you must be sure about what is route optimization so can perfectly apply it.

Bulk Orders Possible 

Every business looks forward to bulk ordering and this is possible at Flash Box. Businesses can now import their innovative products with ease. All this is possible with the help of a mass ordering platform designed exclusively for you. 

Easily Notified & Loyalty Programs

You will be easily notified via SMS, email, push notifications. You can earn points for every delivery with the help of loyalty programs available for businesses. Now you don’t need to worry about anything. You’ll be easily notified and can earn points that will be useful for your futuristic business. 

Interactive Communication 

The best thing about Flash Box is that you can call, chat or interact with couriers delivering your orders to the desired location. Communication is always busy with the help of our chatbots and amazing customer support services. 

On the whole, with the help of Flash Box, you’ll have 24/7 support and a dedicated team of professionals at your service. Get in touch with us for the on-time delivery services

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