Online Dating Dos and Don’ts in 2022

Online Dating Dos and Don’ts in 2022

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Online dating is very popular in 2022, and it can help you meet your forever love. Whether you’re using a site or an app, online dating has some important do’s and don’ts that we want to mention. 

Don’t Share Too Much Too Quick

It’s essential to take things slow when dating online. If you share too much about yourself from the beginning, you’re giving a potentially harmful person a lot of information about how to hurt you. Unfortunately, abusive relationships are common these days. It’s important to catch potential unhealthy relationships from the beginning. 

One way to do this is by being cautious. Exchange some small talk and see if you both have similar opinions on everyday topics. If the person seems to just agree with everything you say or seems “too perfect to be true,” you may want to be cautious. Many people will “love bomb” you or pretend to be perfect for you and end up being very harmful later.

A good way to stop this from happening is to set boundaries with them as much as possible. A healthy person will always accept your boundaries without getting upset with you. 

Do Utilize Safety Features and Background Checks

Since dating apps can be unsafe at times, you want to make sure to use one that has safety features. Apps like Tinder have a verification process to avoid catfishes. If your match has a checkmark next to their name, they’re most likely safe. 

Some apps make members upload their ID and also ban members who send crude photos or requests for money. Using an app that keeps your safety in mind will help you avoid unsafe situations. 

When you go on an in-person date, give the address, name of the person, and time of the date to someone you trust. Let them know when you’ll be home and that you’ll check in with them. Doing this makes sure that someone knows the last location you were at and who you were with in case of the worst.  

Don’t Meet Someone With Red Flags

Knowing online dating red flags will help you stay safe when dating as well. Some common dating red flags include:

  • They ask you for money early on 
  • They only ask for nude photos or sexual interactions when you’ve made it clear you’re not ready
  • They message you 24/7 and expect a quick response
  • They try to control your online activity or check up on your social media accounts
  • They continuously disrespect your boundaries
  • They want to get married, move in together, or have children after one or two dates
  • They say “I love you” on the first day of speaking
  • They have no friends
  • They don’t seem to have any ambitions or goals in life
  • They represent something that is against your core identity 

Do Open Your Mind

Open your mind while dating. You may find that you meet someone really cool when you look outside of what you usually look for. Many people have a type, but there is some science that shows that opposites attract.  

People who are too similar may not be able to challenge each other or show each other opportunities for growth. You don’t need to date someone with entirely different political opinions or values than you. However, you might learn something from giving a nerd a chance or opening up your mind to someone who has a different life goal than you. 

Do Video Chat Before Meeting 

Always video chat with someone before meeting. Even if someone is verified, you want to make sure they look like their profile and that they’re not lying to you about some sort of information.

Video chatting also gives you a chance to see how the person reacts and interacts. They may be pretty good at chatting by message but very weird and inappropriate when it comes to speaking over video chat. 

If you are serious about meeting up with someone, you should go through all the possible steps to make sure you’re safe and meeting with someone real. 

Don’t Give Out Money

Don’t give money to people online who ask. Many people will join dating sites and pretend to be potential dates to try to get money. Any person can do this, and it’s not safe. Don’t give your credit card information online in any circumstance. People can hack your computer and steal it and also take your identity and money. This commonly happens with those who are not being smart online. 


Now you know some important online dating tips. In most cases, people are safe and kind. However, you want to always prepare yourself to make sure you stay safe. Now that you know these tips, go out and enjoy yourself! Your true love might just be around the corner.

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