How to Create Optimal Digital Workspace for Hybrid Teams

How to Create Optimal Digital Workspace for Hybrid Teams


The era of hybrid work is here. And while this work model offers numerous benefits, there are some worrying trends emerging. People in hybrid work environments tend to work in silos, and cross-team cooperation is poor or nonexistent. And employees may feel isolated and frustrated heading for disengagement or even burnout. 

So what can you do to boost your cross-team collaboration, making sure that all your employees can access all the resources to complete their tasks effectively, and share their ideas with others using an advanced online whiteboard tool?

Here are several benefits of online boards you can use to create an optimal digital work environment for your hybrid teams and make the most of it.


This App Streamlines Communication

The sad truth is that meetings are eating up most of your employees’ productive time. So how can you use online whiteboards to streamline synchronous and asynchronous communication? 


  • Import Google sheets, documents, and slides on online whiteboards. Advanced visual collaboration tools are working on Google Meet integrations to enhance team collaboration during meetings.
  • Online whiteboards offer a variety of tools that make meetings more engaging for your employees. 
  • Various shapes, frames, emojis, and stickers will make your presentations vibrant and fun.
  • Some online whiteboards also have different sound effects that bring additional joy to meetings, keeping everyone alert.
  • Online whiteboards also support asynchronous communication, offering integrations with apps like Slack,  Drive, and other channels.


Advanced Online Boards are Customizable and Extendable

Advanced visual collaborative tools offer different features for different teams. For example, developer teams can use extensive libraries to create whiteboard custom applications and manage board content. 

Or they can connect the board to other applications, creating new integrations to exchange information. 


They are Inclusive Engaging and Easy-To-Use

The best online whiteboards on the market want to engage their users by impressing them with countless features. The most significant feature of every online whiteboard is its inclusivity. All participants in the brainstorming or training session gain much-needed visibility and voice.

So that after the session is over all participants can feel that they contributed. This is crucial if you want to build strong teams that collaborate perfectly.

This Effective Tool Can Be Used Across Teams

This app’s main feature- the endless canvas, offers endless possibilities to all your teams. 

For example, the People team can use it during onboarding processes, or to make training sessions easier for your employees.

Marketing teams can use it to create buyer personas, and design successful marketing campaigns while Sales teams can use this tool during demo sessions with potential clients. 


Final Words

What we’ve learned over the past two years is that tectonic changes can happen and that businesses need to adapt to survive. This is why numerous advanced tools are mushrooming on the market, with the aim to help you create optimal hybrid workplaces. 

By investing in online whiteboard tools, you can enhance team communication and collaboration, and employee engagement.


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