Orthopedic Bed Mattress- Features You Cannot Ignore

Orthopedic Bed Mattress- Features You Cannot Ignore

Do you know that around 50 million US adults have a sleep disorder? If you are also suffering from it, then let’s help you cure the symptoms. Your mattress has a great impact on your sleep. That’s why the first step towards improved sleep is the installation of an orthopedic bed mattress. It helps to relax the body and keep it in the right posture during your sleep.

Believe us and try it for a week. You’ll notice the changes yourself. When shopping for this mattress, you will come across numerous sellers offering various mattresses. Here are a few important key features that will help you determine which one is worth purchasing.


The first feature you should consider in an orthopedic bed mattress is firmness. This mattress is available in- soft and hard surfaces. Which one to choose depends upon the way you sleep. For example- if you sleep on your side and change your positions constantly, a soft mattress is ideal for you. A hard mattress is right for people who don’t move much and sleep on their back most of the time. It will support their back, maintaining an accurate position.

Have you ever felt pain in your back or neck after you wake up? It’s mostly because of your inconvenient regular mattress. Install an orthopedic mattress as soon as possible. Otherwise, that little pain will take no time to turn into a much bigger and serious problem.

Mattress Composition

When shopping for a double bed orthopedic mattress, don’t forget to check the mattress composition. Since it’s about improving your sleep quality, it’s necessary to know everything about your mattress. Whether you are shopping online or offline, it’s very easy to determine this information. 

In the case of offline shopping, simply ask the retailer about the composition. And when shopping online, everything is available on the website.

Generally, an orthopedic mattress includes foam, coil springs, cotton, and wool. They are not only important to be present inside your mattress but also in a specific quantity. Like cotton and wool should not be more than 10 percent(each) of the total composition. And the foam and coil springs- not more than 40 percent(each). According to many experts, it’s the right composition of an orthopedic mattress. So when choosing one, make sure to keep this feature in mind. 


Can you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress? Probably not. That’s why when shopping for an orthopedic bed mattress, always check the comfort level. It is an important factor affecting the quality of sleep. The higher the comfort, the more the quality of your sleep. How to check the comfort level? Following is how you can check it out:

When Shopping Offline

When you are shopping online, it’s easy to determine the comfort level of a mattress. All you need to do is lay down on the mattress for around 10 minutes and see how it feels. This way you’ll know whether you should purchase it or not. 

When Shopping Online

If you plan to purchase an orthopedic mattress online, you obviously cannot check the comfort level directly. You have to take the help of other customers’ opinions. Meaning- reading the testimonials and reviews of other customers to help you make the right decision. If most of the reviews are about bad quality and convenience issues, it’s a red flag.

Final Words

So these were some important features that one must consider when shopping for an orthopedic mattress. If any of your acquaintances are planning to purchase this mattress, share this blog with them. Help them get better and quality sleep.

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