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Packing hacks for a road trip

road trip


Sometimes getting away for a quick short road trip is the all the therapy you need to escape your hustles. The idea of a road trip is exciting, and the overall adventure is dramatically awesome. Of course, as each individual is different in his genotypic and phenotypic appearance, the road trip style too differs significantly. There is no right or wrong way to prepare for your road trip; however, the list has always been never-ending. So next time, when you sit down to plan a road trip, along with all your hacks, make sure that you add some inputs from our end –

Buy a personal multi-outlet adapter

A multi-outlet adapter is the best rescue when you are in a group of 4+ individuals as any vehicle that you opt for will only have a couple of charging points to plug in your cell phones.

The best place to rest your shoes is under the backseat of your vehicle –

While some might be hygiene concerned, others, who love to enjoy their road trip can stow their shoes or other footwear just under your last seat. This becomes an important hack when you have many children with you on the go.

What about carrying a shower caddy?

Shower caddies are perfect when you are amongst those who love to hit the fast-food drive so that you do not need to worry much about your food spillage.

Buy a car tote for all your belongings

A car tote is your best companion when you have numerous things to carry on your go. Most of the Ladakh tour package service provider will always ask you to carry a car tote on your road trips. All your tissues, books, magazines can be stored in one tote itself.

DIY Sickness set is all that you need

Car and high altitude driving sickness can knock your door at any point in time. So, if you or someone else is prone to it, make sure to prepare a DIY sickness kit and pack it in your traveller’s backpack.

When your old cereal container comes at your rescue

Your mom might have been storing all those multi-grain or cereal containers in your storeroom. This is the time to bring one out from there and put it to use as a no-spill trash can.

Love having cupcakes?

Cupcakes are soul pleasers; but what do you do when you are done having your cupcake? Instead of throwing your cupcake liners on the road, use it for holding a popsicle drip (if you buy it at your next halt point).

Have you heard about a road trip emergency kit?

You can stumble across your emergencies at any time and by this, I mean, it is always good to be prepared to deal with it. A basic emergency kit is the one which contains a battery charger, flares or reflectors, a jumper cable, first-aid-kit, and at least one unit bottle of distilled water.

Get plenty of snacks but get it right

A road trip can be both time and energy-consuming. Thus, to sustain your energy for long hours, make sure to carry plenty of food with you. What you pack is more important than how much you pack. A snack tackle box with salty snacks, a right vegetable mix, one or two treats is a perfect pick for your little ones.

Make the best use of your smart devices

No matter whether you use a smart cell phone or a tablet, make sure to download some useful apps to assist you on your travel. There are apps to help you navigate on your road trips, or find a cool and affordable restaurant, or exciting sightseeing spots to adore on your go or for those matter game apps to keep you entertained throughout. Also check the reviews on Thrillophilia before booking your trips.

A road trip with your pets is best

When you have a pet, which is nearly dear to you, you do not want to miss the opportunity to keep them locked at home while you travel. If your pet is accompanying you, you pet backpack should include food and treats, a couple of towels for wiping off their dirty paws, a bed for your pet, few toys collection, and a couple of waste bags packets.

These are few quick yet worthy road trip hacks from our ends. If you have something more on your mind, communicate with us, and we will surely include them too.

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