06 Types of Paper bags for Your Food Service Specialities

Paper bags

Do you own a food service business? Are you just starting your own business? Does sustainability personally drive you? Well, here is your chance to offer your customers a utility bag that not only cares about the greater good of sustainability but cares about what it takes to build a future for your business upon paper bags. Today, in the market, there are a variety of options for paper bags, ever since its first invention in 1852 By Francis Wolle. Here is your guide to finding your favorite type of paper bag suited for your business. 

a). SOS bags 

Generally, all over the world, the SOS bag is preferred to be carried as a lunch carrier for Children, School workers, and office workers. Has an iconic brown color can fill up with food, drinks and anything edible. It is possible to carry anything small in size inside the SOS bag. For a modern twist for your business, it also comes in a plethora of color options. Pairing one strikingly beautiful color that resembles the color scheme of your brand, along with a branded sticker, can take your business up to a better level, in terms of its food service specialties and packaging. 

b). Pinch bottom bags 

The construction of this pack has a wide top and pinched bottom. This gives an open-top look but has a strong tapered and at the bottom, which allows for plenty of room to carry food items. The tapered end looks like envelope-seal And has a grease resistant glassine lining that is best used for packaging any baked goods. Do you work perfectly well as a takeaway bag for baked goodies from restaurants and bakery houses? If you own a baking house or a restaurant that has many baked goods on the menu, the pinch bottom bags are the ideal carry bag for you.

c). Merchandise bags

Merchandise bags are stylish bags. That is not only dependable but is stylish for customers to bring home their purchases in. Not only is it stylish, but it looks professional with the right amount of customized branding. It works well for both small businesses and event planners. I really use them for containing party favors. Foodservice business will do wonders with this kind of bag. 

d). Euro Tote Bags

These are just sophisticated cousins of the brown lunch bags mentioned above. It is usually seen at high-end retailers along with branded Merchandise bags. They can be customized with a specific design and brand logos. Adding a bit of ribbon or glitter embellishments can elevate the look from a plain bag to an upgraded gift bag. 

e). Bakery bags

 these types were specifically created to protect your food items. Their inner lining is coated with glassine and wax paper. This helps preserve the taste and the freshness of the perishable item inside the bag. As the name suggests, it is best used in a bakery to have to help store baked bread and cookies. Customers who wish to take away some bakery items back home for a quick snack can always use these bakery bags as a takeaway bag option.

f). Recycled bags

With the rise of consumer awareness along with a surge in e-commerce, retailers, business people, and even the ordinary consumer, must do everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint. This is where recycled bags come in handy. They are made from environmentally friendly materials that can help us go green and promote reusing of these items. Using recycled bags ensures that no new resources are hampered for the sake of the growing needs of the marketplace. Reuse the recycled containers. 

If you are a budding business, consider shifting your business packaging, unique food service bags, and use these items mentioned above for your shop’s packaging needs. 

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