10 Common Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers

10 Common Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers


Hire a personal injury lawyer from the Gallian Defence firm to handle the claims that are made when a person is physically or psychologically harmed by another entity. In a lot of instances, this is due to negligence.

Not many people know about the different types of claims that these professionals handle. There are a lot, and if you need to hire legal assistance, you’ll want to know how they can help you.

In this article, we are going to take a look at ten cases that a personal injury lawyer may deal with.

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Vehicle accidents

Indeed, one of the most common cases that personal injury lawyers handle is car and vehicle accidents. In fact, there is an average of around 16,438 crashes a day in the US alone, with negligence from distracted driving being the leading cause.

These cases, like many, can be tough to handle. There needs to be enough evidence to prove the driver at fault, and it gets complicated if there were multiple vehicles involved in the crash.

If you’ve been a victim, make sure you contact the right professionals to help, like these Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers.

Pedestrian accidents

Alongside crashes between other vehicles, pedestrian accidents also fall under personal injury. Individuals hit by passing cars can suffer some of the most severe injuries.

A personal injury lawyer helps fight for the compensation they deserve, including if the individual has suffered both long or short-term disability. 

Dog bites

There are many different reasons why dogs bite, but it’s usually the owner’s responsibility to admit fault when it happens to another person. If they are aware that their dog is dangerous and didn’t properly secure them, they must be liable.

Laws regarding this do vary from state to state, so it’s vital to seek assistance and check this first. If the dog hasn’t shown any aggression before, the owner may not face such severe penalties.

Medical malpractice        

Doctors and other medical professionals have the responsibility to provide the correct standard of care to their patients. If an individual suffers injury due to malpractice, they can make a claim requesting compensation.

A few examples of medical negligence include:

– Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose when the situation was obvious.

– Surgical errors, such as operating on the wrong body part or sewing instruments inside.

– Giving improper medication or administering the wrong dosage.

– Unnecessary surgery that wasn’t required in the first place.

– Premature discharge that results in further injury or wrongful death.

Compared to other case types on this list, they can be one of the most challenging to prove. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and not every doctor means to cause harm.

Slips and falls

Another common personal injury case is those that are related to slips and falls. It’s a property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the area is free from hazards at all times. 

If something becomes slippery or wet, they must provide the correct signage and fix the area as quickly as possible. 

However, you should note that not every fall will be able to be proven, and it will depend on the specific situation. 

Premises liability accidents

Alongside slips and falls, there are also other types of premises liability accidents. For example, somebody may get hit on the head by a falling object or stumble and drop something that hurts another person. 

While not all hazards around establishments can be eliminated, it’s still essential for owners to ensure that the area is as safe as possible. Any issues should be repaired immediately, and regular checks should be conducted to identify problems as quickly as possible.

Work accidents

Workplace accidents can also lead to severe injuries, and in some cases, wrongful death. Machinery such as scissor lifts and other equipment needs to be checked regularly for safety, and even regular offices need to follow the correct procedures.

If a worker is harmed, they are able to speak to a lawyer to help receive compensation. However, again, laws vary from state to state, so you’ll need to do research first to ensure your rights are protected.

Nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs when residents of an aged care facility aren’t taken care of appropriately. Much like medical malpractice, this could be due to neglect.

Some examples of it include:

– Physical abuse, such as hitting or kicking.

– Emotional abuse, such as name-calling.

– Sexual abuse. 

– Exploitation of finances and assets.

– Neglect from improper care. E.g., malnutrition, bedsores, etc. 

If you notice any signs and suspect this is happening to your loved one, it’s vital to document what you see and seek help. In addition, you’ll want to discuss your legal options quickly.

Defective products

What a product is being developed; it’s up to the company and manufacturer to ensure that it is safe for use. If an item is defective, it can cause injury and harm to the user. 

Some examples of this include:

– Contaminated food

– Faulty machinery

– Cosmetics with harmful chemicals.

– Toys with choking hazards that weren’t identified.

Personal injury cases handle not only these but also those involving defective medical equipment. This may cross over with the medical malpractice that we talked about above.


Finally, while most people associate assault and other intentional torts with criminal defense, there are circumstances where personal injury lawyers can become involved.

Victims may choose to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries, including loss of work and medical bills. 

This means there may be multiple cases being handled by different people all at the same time.

Final Words

And that’s it. These were ten common types of claims handled by personal injury attorneys. As you can see, these professionals assist in a wide range of areas, from small cases to ones that are more complicated.

If you are currently facing any of the situations above, they will be able to provide the proper support, even if that means pointing you in another direction.

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