How to Personalize the Best Liquid Tender Trailer

How to Personalize the Best Liquid Tender Trailer

One of the reasons why farmers who frequently spray their crops set up a tender tank trailer is to improve their operational efficiency. This is especially true in areas where the spraying window is shorter; improving the bottom line can spell a huge difference. 

By working smarter, you can achieve so much in so little time. Spray trailers can get the job done in no time if you only have a few people working. 

Liquid Tender Trailers are specialized trailers used to load water that can be delivered on-site and be used for different purposes. Farmers who need to have their crops sprayed with water are just one of the many people who use these specialized trailers. 

If you need one but are unsure as to what needs to be included, below are some ideas for the personalization of your tender trailer.

Premium-quality engine and pump

When you’re in your workplace, getting the job done right the first time can make the process smoother. The same is true for people working in the field. A reliable engine and pump are like your reliable tools of the trade — they make sure that there is no failure in the field. You can go for manual or electrical engines. 

Algae-resistant tanks 

When storing water in water tanks, you understand why many struggles to keep algae growth out of these tanks. If these microorganisms thrive in the storage tanks, your stored water will be nearly unusable. 

As you already know, algae is a kind of bacteria that carry harmful toxins that can cause sickness to humans and animals and damage to plants. If you intend to set up your liquid tender trailer, make sure to keep these toxins out of your tank. 

An easy solution here is to use a black tank that is made with solid color poly. These leg tanks are proven and tested to keep all algae out. With this, you have one worry off your list. 

Deck space 

Another that you should consider adding to your personalized trailer is a spacious deck wherein you can store chemical totes, boxes, and products. These decks can also be an excellent space where you can place your tools like hoses, plumbing essentials, and repair kit. 

Other essential items you can add 

Aside from those already mentioned, here are other items you can add to your Liquid tender trailers.

  • Step ladder: This can help you save time and allow you better access to the decks you added to your trailer. This will also keep you from injuring yourself as you reach for items on your deck. 
  • Chemical-mixing tank: If you mix water and chemicals in your horizontal tanks, it pays to have a chemical-mixing tank. This tank comes with a slightly sloped base that adds different chemicals before the water is transferred to the sprayer seamlessly. 
  • Electric reel: With this tool on your trailer, you do not have to wrestle with heavy liquid-filled hoses. These reels can help you save energy and time on menial tasks.

Questions before you begin personalizing your set-up

To help you make the most out of your liquid tender tank, ask yourself the following questions before proceeding with your set-up plan:

  • What will be the purpose of your tender trailer?
  • How much water do you need to haul?
  • What are the other things that you need to carry on your trailer?

If you have specific answers to these questions, it would be easier to choose items to be installed on your trailer. Since you will be moving this trailer in different areas of work, getting all the items you need for the job will make everything smoother and easier. 

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