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There is a very high chance that you have heard the saying, ‘they don’t build them like they used to’.  Homes that are newly built are more than likely going to have some sort of gaps or cracks that run along the house’s foundation, allowing for all different types of pests to move into your home with you.  While there are going to be many people who feel as though their brand-new house does not need any type of pest control, in all reality, these houses are going to be just as susceptible to a pest invasion as any of the older homes in the area.

You must keep in mind that new homes are not going to be built in a clean factory type of environment.  These houses are built in the open, which exposes them to all of the environment during pretty much the entire construction process.  What this means is that insects and other pests have extremely easy access to the house and rest of the property to get themselves all setup and establish a home. As if that weren’t enough, most of the materials that are used to build your home are going to be stored in a wide open (and often times damp), area, meaning that insects and pests will have easy access to them as well.

With all of the pests out there, you may be wondering what the most common ones are that can be found in brand new houses.  Here are some of the more common pests that you can expect to find in your home, even if it is brand new.

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Most Common Pests Found in New Construction Homes

  • Mice: These are going to be one of the most common types of pests that are going to be disturbed by any type of new construction.  This is because many new houses are built in areas that were recently wooded but cleared to make space for the new houses to be built.  This means that the pests that previously lived in the brush, trees, dirt and grass are now going to be homeless.  So when you hear that new houses will not attract mice, it is actually the complete opposite that is true.
  • Ants: If your new house disturbed any ant hills that were already on the lot during construction or are brought to the property when the building materials are delivered, you can be in serious trouble for an ant infestation.
  • Spiders and other crawlers: While nobody likes to find spiders in their home (especially when it is brand new), there is a very high chance that those spiders are actually helping control the population of other pests in your house.  Spiders tend to eat other pests and even deter them from moving into your home in the first place.  So while they can be considered a very unpleasant surprise, you need to keep in mind that spiders are actually going to help keep some of the other unwanted pests away for you.

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