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Piyanka Mongia


Social media platforms are booming right now and millions of social media influencers are doing their best to keep people entertained. In India, TikTok has been banned and since the major platform was removed for the mass public, social media influencers started to move on other platforms, and one of the most used right now in India is Instagram. 

One of the most known social media influencers in India right now is Piyanka Mongia, but despite her being extremely famous, not many people know who she is, what she is up to these days, and what her personal information are, which is why in this blog, we have listed them down all so you can know her in a better way.

Piyanka Mongia Instagram

Right now, you can follow Piyanka Mongia on Instagram at @piyanka_mongia. On the platform, she has more than 8 million followers. She is known for posting lip syncing videos and dancing videos on her Instagram account. 

Piyanka Mongia TikTok

Piyanka Mongia was extremely famous on TikTok before the application got banned in India. If you can still access TikTok despite living in India, you can follow Piyanka Monia on @piyanka_mongia. She has more than 22 million followers on the platform and across all her videos she has more than 459 million likes. We can say she was extremely famous on the platform before it was shut down by the government of the country. 

Piyanka  Mongia Instagram ID

If you want to follow Piyanka Mongia on her Instagram account, where she has more than 8 million followers, you can do so by clicking @piyanka_mongia.

Piyanka Mongia Biography

Piyanka Mongia, who is sometimes known as Priyanka Mongia, was born on September 27,1997. She was born on September 27, 1997, in New Delhi, India. Right now, she belongs to a Punjabi family however, she follows the religion of Hinduism. It is currently believed that she is living in New Delhi, India. When it comes to her family, she is a very secretive person and has not disclosed any information about her parents and other family members. However, it is known that she has a brother, Gaurav Mongia. Right now he is an Instagram celebrity who loves to make lip sync videos, other than that, there is not information available about Gaurav. Also, Piyanka has not revealed any information about her educational background and any other personal information. 

Piyanka Mongia Age And Height

Priyanka Mongia was born on September, 27, 1997, in Delhi, India. Right now, she is around 25 years old. Her height is around 5 feet 3 inches tall and is 50 kilograms to 60 kilograms heavy. Please do note that her height and weight are just estimates that were made after closely looking at her images and videos on her pages. 

Piyanka Mongia Boyfriend Name

Despite being extremely famous on social media, Piyanka Mongia is a very secretive person. Even though she has millions of followers on her social media platform, Piyanka Mongia has nnot revealed who she is dating, who she has dated in the past and what her relationship status is right now. However, it is believed that she is currently single and is not dating anyone. She has said in multiple live videos that she is focusing on her career as of now and has not time to date or find anyone that would keep her busy in her love life. 

Piyanka Mongia TikTok ID 

 If you can still access TikTok despite living in India, you can follow Piyanka Monia on @piyanka_mongia. She has more than 22 million followers on the platform and across all her videos she has more than 459 million likes. 

Who Is Gaurav Mongia? 

Gaurav Mongia is the brother of Piyanka Mongia. Many people initially thought that Gaurav was the husband of Piyanka however, it was later made clear that they are siblings. Right now, Gaurav is working as a social media influencer and is making lip-syncing videos just like how his sister makes them for her followers. 

Piyanka Mongia Personal Life

Like what we said above, Piyanka Mongia is a very secretive person, which is why not much is known about her, her family and her educational background. All that is known about her has been listed above and in case we do get an update about her personal life or if she decides to make anything official on the internet, we will be updating this blog right away so all our followers could have a proper overview on who she is, what her personal life and background is, and so you can know her in a better way. 

Piyanka Mongia Net Worth 

Piyanka Mongia is one of the most known social media influencers on the internet right now, and she is known to frequently promote expensive brands on the internet. Currently, it is estimated that she earns anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 on a monthly basis thanks to the promotions that she gets on her social media platforms. Please do note that the earnings that we have listed above are just estimates of how much Piyanka is earning on a monthly basis. Piyanka herself has not revealed any information about how much she is earning on a monthly basis or annually. 

Piyanka Mongia Wiki

Below, we have listed down some of the most important details that the fans of Piyanka Mongia should know so they could know her in a much better way. 

Full Name Piyanka Mongia
Nickname of Piyanka Mongia Piyanka, Priyanka, and Piyu
Gender Female
Birthday September 27, 1997
Birthplace Punjab, India
Currently living in Punjab, India
Nationality      Indian
Profession TikTok Star, Social Media Influencer, Celebrity, And Model
Religion Hindu
Marital Status               Single
Boyfriend No information available

Piyanka Mongia is a very secretive person, which is why some of the information above are not available. In case we do get an update on what her personal information is, we would let you know by updating the information that we have listed above. 

Piyanka Mongia Education 

Piyanka Mongia is one of the most famous Punjabi social media influencers of our generation, but not many people know that, but she actually graduated from the Khalsa College in Punjab. Many people do not know this because Piyanka Mongia is a very secretive person and prefers to keep such information close to herself and the people that she actually knows in her real life. 


We would like to clear it out that we are not affiliated with Piyanka Mongia in any way. The main goal of this article is to educate social media users across the globe so they can have a proper overview on what Piyanka Mongia is doing these days and what she is up to. In case you do find any of the information that we have listed above wrong, please do let us know as soon as possible so we can update or change it right away. 

Do you think we missed out  anything important about Piyanka Mongia? Let us know what we missed out about the famous social media influencer by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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