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7 romantic places in Paris that are ideal for a surprise for your partner

7 romantic places in Paris that are ideal for a surprise for your partner


You are in love, you are going to go to the city of love with your partner and you are looking to do something special that you will remember all your life, date night in Paris at Eiffel Tower, for example. It goes without saying that you will have to work a little harder but it is true that in Paris you can find places where you can feel something special. It is as if the city has something in the atmosphere. If you continue reading I will recommend several romantic places in Paris to help you prepare that surprise you have in mind.

I’m telling you that you have chosen the right place. Although it is a topic that many movies have been responsible for enlarging to infinity, the fame of Paris as a romantic city par excellence is deserved. As soon as you get there, something inside of you will be guided less by your head and more by your heart. You just have to do your part and I guarantee you will live unforgettable moments.

If in addition to living beautiful moments as a couple you want to know the most important things about the city you will be interested in these two articles. In the first one I will prepare you a very complete route to visit Paris in 5 days and in the second one I simply focus on the essentials of Paris, ideal if you go only for a weekend.


If you are looking for a good, nice and cheap place to stay in the center of Paris we know first hand the Hotel Familia, that can be booked via – we stayed there the first time we went. A place with a bit of baroque decoration but very clean and only 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame. I think that for what you pay you can’t ask for more considering the prices in the city.

If you prefer to search a little more in this link you have the largest list of accommodations in the center of Paris. Search calmly, the accommodation can also have many possibilities for a romantic plan. For example you can look for one that has a hot tub and prepare something there.

The Je t’aime Wall, one of the most original romantic places in Paris.

Its literal translation is the wall of I love you. The designer Fréderic Baron created this mural by compiling this beautiful phrase in different languages. There are more than 1000 in about 300 different languages and dialects. Together with another artist he designed this beautiful wall made of more than five hundred glazed lava tiles. In this place you can say I love you to your partner in a very special way because all these languages converge in a single feeling, love.

It is located in the famous Montmartre district, in the Abesses square, specifically behind the Art Novea stop and is the most romantic place in Paris that we liked the most. It is not one of the most famous places in Paris, but still more and more people go there. We recommend it if you go with your partner and are looking for a romantic place to simply say I love you or give him a surprise.

The Eiffel Tower and its surroundings

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the emblem of Paris and will amaze you the first time you see it. It is probably the most romantic place in Paris but you have to know how to find your moment since there are usually a lot of people and all the typical things that nowadays all these great monuments have around them. The first time we passed by there after taking a walk and rejecting a few souvenir sellers we decided to continue on our way.

What we did do was to return to the area well into the night. On this second visit we were able to enjoy the area in peace and quiet. If you add to this how beautiful it is when it is illuminated at night I can tell you that this was probably our most romantic moment in Paris. We spent a nice time on the Champ de Mars contemplating the tower and taking pictures. Can’t you see us in love in the picture?

If you want to go up the Eiffel Tower you must book tickets in advance. There are night passes that can also be very romantic. Can you imagine asking for marriage at the top of the tower? Here are the options to go up.

Boat ride on the Seine, a 100% romantic experience.

This ride is also one of the classics among the romantic plans in Paris. After seeing the Eiffel Tower you cross the street to the Seine River and you will find the docks from where the boats depart to take the ride along the river. It gives you views of the most emblematic places of Paris from the particular look of the Seine, and at night it is also a very romantic plan.

The privacy of your trip will depend on what you are willing to pay. There are boats for large groups where it is even difficult to find a seat, to boats with cabins where you are served dinner. In most companies you can save a few euros if you book on the web in advance.

We recommend that you do this tour when it starts to get dark. This way you will see the Eiffel Tower with the colors of the day and illuminated in the darkness of the night. But if you are looking to really surprise your partner, nothing better than the cruise on the Seine with dinner included. A very cool plan that you will remember for a long time.

The Luxembourg Gardens, another option to surprise your partner

The Luxembourg Gardens were built by order of Queen Marie de Medici. This poor woman was fed up with life in the Louver Palace, she decided to move to another palace in the center of Paris and she needed to have a little garden for fresh air.

Today the Luxembourg Gardens are a public park. A quiet and romantic place for couples looking for a bit of tranquility in the noise of the capital of France. They are by the Latin Quarter, just behind the Pantheon des Illustres and I promise you they lend themselves to a nice stroll.

We were told that during the summer months many Parisians go there to spend the day, especially on weekends. Maybe at that time of year the Luxembourg Gardens lose some of their charm. But come on, you’ll find Parisians and tourists alike preparing picnics and relaxing while enjoying the day in the company of friends and family.

If you go to Paris with good weather you can take advantage of it. You can surprise your partner by preparing a lunch or snack in the Luxembourg Gardens. A good choice can be foie and French cheese accompanied by a good Bordeaux wine. Don’t forget some pastries for after lunch. You are sure to have a great day in one of the most romantic places in Paris and it is also a fairly inexpensive option.

The Sacré Coeur and Montmartre Quarter

At the top of the hill in the Montmartre district is located the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré Coeur) in which the color white predominates. It is one of the best views of Paris and a splendid place to visit at sunset or at night. It is one of the must-sees in Paris, but it can become a very romantic place if you prepare something special. Perhaps it is better at night because during the day it is quite crowded.

There is a funicular that takes you to the top but our recommendation is that you walk up stopping as many times as necessary to take pictures or rest on any bench or even on the steps. It is worth taking it easy.

Besides the basilica area, the whole Montmartre neighborhood has a special charm that makes it ideal for a quiet walk with your partner at any time of the day. If you go during the day you will find many painting workshops and artists who offer to paint your portraits. At night there are no painters but its alleys are an ideal place to get lost and evoke the golden days of Parisian bohemia in the early twentieth century.

If you prefer to have the history of the area explained to you, you can opt for a guided walk through Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur. The romanticism in this case will have to wait for you for a while.

The Buttes Chaumont Park, one of the lesser-known romantic sites in Paris

Buttes Chaumont Park is located in the northwestern part of Paris, specifically in the Belleville district of the 19th arrondissement. It was inaugurated with the Paris Universal Exposition of 1867 and is a huge green area where, like the Luxembourg Gardens, many Parisians go to spend the day on weekends if the weather is good.

We have included it among the romantic places in Paris because being so large there are areas that are secluded and where you can spend the afternoon with enough privacy. It also has an artificial lake that gives it a somewhat bucolic aspect so it is a great place to get lost with your partner and let your imagination run wild.

The Bridge of the Arts and vandalism romanticism

Finally we want to talk briefly about the Bridge of the Arts. It is a very central bridge where lovers go with a padlock, close it and throw the keys into the river as a symbol of eternal love. The padlocks on the bridges in the center represent a problem, we think that we have to be civic in this sense and not damage the heritage. There are many other ways to declare love.

The large number of padlocks cause deterioration in the structure of the bridges, not only in this one. This problem is already in many other cities in Europe. We invite you to go to the Bridge of the Arts, let your imagination fly and surprise your partner without putting a padlock. And of course not to put them anywhere…

By the way, in an update of this article of the romantic places in Paris we discovered that the railing of one of the railings of the Pont des Arts fell into the river for this reason. Eventually the City of Paris removed the padlocks and installed transparent panels to prevent any more being put up. In this case, incivism ended in a ban.

And with this we end this approach to the most romantic places in Paris. We hope you find it useful to let your imagination fly and surprise your partner during your stay in the City of Love. If you come up with more plans I’ll wait for you in the comments section. I wish you a successful trip to Paris.

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