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Lists of Must-Carry Things When Planning to Head for a Goa Trip

Lists of Must-Carry Things When Planning to Head for a Goa Trip

Hey, Indians, the love season is here. And it’s a no-brainer that half of our India’s population would be partying in Goa this Valentine’s Day. All thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, abroad traveling got lessened! Anyways, a celebration is a must, and that’s why I don’t want you to face any challenges while partying. So, here are the listsof must-carry things that you should pack in your luggage.

Mirrored sunglasses: No doubt, the Indian sun rays is far strong than in other countries. Hence, sunglasses are a must for your Goa trip. Don’t forget to choose a mirrored one as shade hues are in trend right now. The intensity of sun rays reflected by the sand on a beach is more than you experience in your daily life; well, mirrored sunglasses will help you cope with it.

Hat and rubber footwear: These two are the most practical must-haves for any beach holiday. These kinds of stuff will accompany you while prowling on the sand or wandering at the markets of Goa. Donning them will make you feel comfortable all day long without compromising your enjoyment. 

Bottles of sun-cream: Never forget this! Sunglasses and hats aren’t enough to save you from sun rays. So, carry a purse wherein you can keep sun-cream of high SP factor (above SPF 50 when on the beach). Remember to prefer a water-proof sun-cream; otherwise, you’ll be unable to enjoy the beach fun.

Airy outfits: Because it’s damn hot there! In February month, the average temperature of Goa is approximately 25°C. So, make sure you carry lightweight clothes like shorts, trousers, loose-fitting dresses, and without any doubt, beachwear. For festivities, you can grab some great festival outfit ideas to help you pack your bag for the Goa trip.

Things to cover your body: As you know, Goa is full of churches and temples, and therefore, you’re required to keep stuff that can wrap your body, especially your legs and shoulders. Goa is a part of India, and India’s culture demands covering up your entire body in religious places. Apart from those places, you can enjoy wearing conventional clothing as per your preferences.

Camera: That too, without fail! There’s no point in going to Goa, in fact, any holiday trip without a camera. Memories are something that cherishes our souls throughout our life. And capturing the moments help us to rewind the cassette of our life and have fun. Along with a camera, you should also keep its charger. Otherwise, all of your plans for posing like this or that will get spoiled.

Travel adaptor: It’s not only Goa, in whichever corner of the world you go for a vacation, you should have this device packed. In almost all hotels of Goa, you can employ a two-pin European travel adaptor. Otherwise, you can carry a cheap adaptor (not too cheap though) from reliable shops.

Torch: Sounding funny, right? But prevention is always better; you must have heard it! So, keep a small torch handy in your luggage. You’ll thank us for this when you go outdoors during evenings where light is inadequate. Also, sometimes, smaller roads, pathways in resorts, or streets would be unlit. As well the beaches. A small torch will provide you peace of mind during dark times.

Sanitizer or hand-wash: With coronavirus still lingering around, you should take care of yourselves while roaming on a beach or partying in a club. So, keep a sanitizer or a hand-wash handy. You can pack two or three based on the days of your trip and the number of travellers.

First-aid kit: Packing a small-sized first aid-kid is a must regardless of the states and countries. Medical stores have a bunch of ready-made kits, which includes the basics. That way, you don’t need to think much about it. But make sure it includes antiseptic cream, insect bites cream, and rehydration salts for Goa.


With all the above must-carry items, you’re set to head for the Goa trip. If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day there, then don’t forget to purchase a gift for your partner. Last but not least and most important of all, carry masks as health always comes first.

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