Send Your Love with Plantable Birthday Cards

Plantable Birthday Cards

Nowadays, sending a loved one a birthday message on Facebook or Whatsapp could seem like an easier alternative than sending them a physical card, but by doing so, you may accidentally miss the point of the message. Yes, more and more of us are depending on technology for our daily needs and routinely communicating with others. But sending the love and wishes through plantable birthday cards holds unique importance. 

Why Choosing Physical Cards? 

A customized birthday card is a great compliment to a present (or a stand-alone way to acknowledge someone’s birthday) because you can add a written note to wish the recipient a memorable day. Hence, plantable birthday cards help you achieve this goal. 

Online communication lacks personalization. It doesn’t matter what you write online; it will never be as good as what you could have written on birthday cards. 

A tangible card also demonstrates that you took the time and made an effort to go out and get it for them, as opposed to merely sending them a message from a phone, which may give the impression that they had forgotten about their birthday until you reminded them on an actual day.

Sending them a real card will help you get ahead of the game, even if Facebook notifications remind you of their birthday. When you buy a card for someone, it demonstrates that you have given some thought to them, taking into account the card’s design and message. With so many various card designs available, they are sure to choose one that is perfect for them.

A birthday card might help us remember our loved ones because we frequently take them for granted and regret how few tangible things we have left them to cherish. They are a sentimental present in and of themselves that can be cherished for years. 

What’s so Special About Plantable Birthday Cards? 

The cards are created from plantable seed paper, which includes seeds that, when planted, bloom into a stunning wildflower garden. Personalized birthday cards are becoming more popular. 

➤ They are friendly to the environment

These birthday cards are created of post-consumer waste made out of wildflower seeds or wildflowers embedded in the paper. Moreover, the paper is biodegradable; it does not produce waste. 

➤ They come in various forms and hues

Plantable birthday cards come in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles. Everybody’s needs can be met with a card. To further personalize your card, you can even use custom seed paper.

Bottom Line 

We all know everyone moves on, whether it involves going abroad or just relocating a little distance from your family’s house. Imagine, receiving a birthday card from a family member demonstrates to you that, despite the fact that you are no longer five years old, you are still very important to them. A birthday card is one way to maintain the connection you have with them while also keeping in touch, which is unquestionably vital. Additionally, plantable seed cards make more sense as they make the receiver happy and are safer for the environment. 


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