Polytechnic Tuition Becoming The Norm

Polytechnic Tuition

With the proportion of the population having degree education increasing, there is a real sense of urgency for parents and students alike to do well in polytechnic and progress on to acquire their degree. In the past, many polytechnic students were reluctant to seek help for polytechnic tuition because they felt embarrassed to seek help at this age. However, what they are not aware of is that many students look for polytechnic tuition, such as those here, and even university students have tuition. For some students, they have just entered their first year of polytechnic education and find the transition from secondary school to polytechnic a real struggle. For others, they do not understand what has been taught by their lecturers and they are too embarrassed to trouble their lecturers or classmates. School lecturers also do not give them the one-on-one attention required by these students and they find it more comfortable to seek help from a private tutor. Others do not have the necessary foundation in secondary school, such as biology. It is no longer surprising that polytechnic students nowadays are looking for tuition teachers. Furthermore, it is not unusual for students to have tuition for multiple subjects. Those who made it into university attribute it to the extra tuition classes that helped them achieve the distinctions needed.

The typical rates for polytechnic tuition will be $90/hr to $120/hr for qualified and esteemed tutors. Depending on the credentials and experiences of the tutors, some will even charge higher. In the past, there were not many tutors offering tuition to polytechnic students. The subjects are considered to be streamlined and specialized, so it is not easy to find tutors who are experts in a particular field. Furthermore, a typical polytechnic student will take modules across different schools in their three years of education. On top of that, there are design projects that students will expect tutors to be able to help out. Such projects are related to their coursework but typically out of the box. Some can be radically out of the box. There are also group projects that require students to work in a team to contribute to the successful completion of the tasks.

Students who are looking for Polytechnic tuition all point towards this master tutor who single-handedly tutored students from all disciplines, ranging from chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, financial accounting, computer science, operation management, and many more. Having such an excellent tutor can help students to manage their learning requirements and increase their understanding of the concepts. Compared to O Level where many questions are memory-based, many polytechnic curricula require students to apply their newly acquired knowledge in vastly different scenarios. This means that students who do not have an in-depth understanding of the concepts will not be able to handle the assignments easily. Such application questions can be more demanding than in JC. It is not surprising that many polytechnic students feel immensely stressed with the school curriculum. A seasoned tutor with a wealth of experience will be able to garner a wide range of conceptual knowledge to help students understand how to apply concepts in different scenarios to do well in the final examinations.

Polytechnic students take several modules that count towards their final score. Depending on the number of hours per week assigned to the module, credit units are awarded to students. Based on the performance of both their continuous assessments such as their daily work, projects, and tests, as well as their examinable modules such as their coursework and examination. For students, their Grade Point Average matters most. The current Grade Point Average is calculated by taking the sum of the credit units multiplied by grade points, divided by the total current semester credit units. The best grade is awarded a distinction while the lowest grade is a fail.

Also, when students are in their third year of studies, they are tasked to fulfill their internship requirements by attaching to a company related to their field of specialization. During the internship program, students will try to implement their knowledge to contribute to the company. If students perform well during their internship, they are often asked to join the company after graduation, securing their career with a head start. Therefore, parents should not be surprised that tutors are sometimes asked to help out with students’ internship projects. Furthermore, they are also required to complete a final year project at the end of their third year. Many interesting projects have been performed by students. One project patented a flexible and non-toxic material that can produce electricity just by having the material bend in certain manners. By installing this material in playgrounds, electricity can be harnessed when children run around in the playground. Applications have also been developed in-house by students to provide a training platform for other students. For example, Republic Polytechnic’s pharmaceutical science students have a web application that allows them to simulate fronting the pharmacy counter. Students can register a patient, reset the queue, prescribe medicine, and manage the inventory. Students also get to learn about the development of autonomous vehicles in industries. These autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can navigate and move to specific destinations in a factory, either upon remote instructions provided by a human operator or pre-programmed. They can move autonomously and can charge their batteries automatically. Since many AGVs are typically deployed, it is important to plan out their paths and their collision avoidance strategies so that the vehicles can reach safely to the destinations within the shortest period. Students can also work on a robot that moves along steel pipes using the principle of magnetic adhesion. The robot fits nicely to the curvature of a pipe’s changing diameter and is equipped with the optical capability to provide live-streaming to the operator as well as to do photography and video recording of the pipe conditions.

It is important to note that parents and students are now more receptive towards having diploma tuition. This is so if they would want to do well in order to secure a good job in the future.

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