Porcelain Tiles and Their Advantages Over Marble Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Tiles have become an integral part of infrastructures whether they are commercial or residential. From flooring to the wall, different types of tiles are available in the market. Currently, marble, granite and ceramic tiles are highly demanded because of their robustness as well as beautiful look. Ceramic aka porcelain tiles are artificially made instead of extracting from mines. They are more popular than marble because of several reasons as we are mentioning below. 

6 reasons to choose porcelain tiles

  1. Fast installation

Porcelain tiles require very less time for fixing on any surface whether it is flat or vertical. It just requires cement and water mixture that quickly set harden. On the other hand, marble takes weeks for proper installation. After fixing it, you also have to rub the surface continuously for or around a week to attain good shine. the area where ceramic tiles were fixed to become ready to use within one day. 

  1. Countless textures and colours

When we talk about variety, nothing can beat porcelain tiles. They are artificially manufactured with countless colour patterns and textures. Even 3D tiles are also available in the market for creating an illusion. Naturally available tiles of marble only have a few colour options. 

  1. Low labour cost

Along with fast installation, porcelain tiles also require low labour cost as compared to marble. No special equipment is required in this procedure. 

  1. Easy cleaning

The surface of ceramic tiles is very easy to clean. You can use almost any kind of solution on the surface of these tiles. For normal stains, just a damped cloth is enough to serve the purpose. Usually, they are highly resistant to scratches, moisture and stains. On the other hand, marble requires soft cleaning chemicals only. Hard chemicals can permanently damage the surface. Also, the marble stone absorbs some synthetic colours that cannot be removed with any solution. 

  1. Easy replacement 

Replacement of porcelain tiles is very convenient. With chisel and hammer, it takes just a few hours to remove tiles and plaster altogether for replacement. 

  1. Suitable for every location

Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, living room or swimming pool, porcelain tiles are compatible with every location. However, you have to choose the right tile for the right place. For instance, wall tiles will have a glossy texture as compared to the Matt look of floor tiles.

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Some drawbacks

  1. Under heavy foot traffic, porcelain tiles lose their shine and colour faster. Marble on the other hand, attends more shine as it gets old. 
  2. They are highly durable but it creates difficulty while cutting and drilling. Repairing a damaged area is the most difficult task with porcelain tiles. 

It is advisable to buy porcelain tiles only from a renowned brand. If possible, find a seller giving a warranty of print and polish on these tiles. Always order porcelain tiles in surplus for replacement. New designs are coming every day in the market and old ones are extinction. Therefore, it may be not possible to find the same tiles as a replacement if any damage occur. 

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