Why A Positive Image Can Help Self-esteem

Why A Positive Image Can Help Self-esteem

Everyone likes to look their best. It just goes without saying as people often spend so long in front of a mirror sorting out their hair, make-up, and so on, as they try to create a best version of themselves for either business or leisure. For years, parents have told their children to take pride in their appearance and surprisingly it has some real benefits in the long term.


Have you ever heard the phrase “take pride in yourself?” Parents and teachers will have said it to most children as they were growing up, and in a way, the words still ring true today. If you look in the mirror and like what you see, it gives you that mental boost that can spur you on for the rest of the day. Whether it is based off of your make-up or even what you are wearing, if you like what you see in the mirror then it gives you a boost. If someone pays you a compliment, this can also help to spur you on during any difficult parts of your day. With the endorphins that are produced when you are happy, it can help you to relax and hopefully build your self-esteem over time. Furthermore, if you are happy, this can rub off on those around you and hopefully create a positive work environment. 

How do I increase my self-esteem?

There are a number of ways to boost your self-esteem, and though some of them may seem more superficial than others, they all count. It could be as simple as changing the type of clothes you wear, or just putting on a smile to help other the others around you. Try doing the bare minimum that you know will make you happy, as you don’t always have to go all out. If you are going out though, why not mix your appearance up a bit just to see the difference? Hair extensions or even eyelash extensions can be the way to do this, as they are just subtle tweaks but they can make a big difference. The eyelashes might be pricey, sometimes priced between $100 and $400 but they can be worth it as they remove some of the stress of getting ready. You’ll have no more worries about waterproof mascara, as the lashes are selfie-ready beforehand, and if looked after properly they can last between 6 to 8 weeks. Selena’s Lash Studio can help you here, as they specialize in eyelash extensions and will work with you to ensure that you’ve got your perfect look that will hopefully give you that long-term boost. 


With so much focus on mental health nowadays, just being able to say you like how you look and smiling when you look in the mirror can make the world of difference. It can reduce stress, but more importantly, it can make you feel good about being you. In such a crazy world where everything goes at 100 miles an hour, just being able to stop for two seconds and say “Yeah, I like how I look” can be all you need to push you on.

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