5 Strategies To Promote Your Brand At An Expo

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Despite living in a world that is in completetransition to becoming fully digital, attending an expo or a local event is still a great way to promote your brand, considering it can strengthen your connection with local customers.
We know promoting your brand at an expo or a local event is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have never done it before, but the good thing is that there are multiple things you can do, to easily market your business.
To help you out in making this possible, we will be exploring some unique strategies that can help you in promoting your brand at an expo.

5 Strategies To Promote Your Brand At An Expo

  • Hand Out Flyers And Posters

Handing out flyers and posters at a local expo is a classic way to promote your services and your business. However, in order to make it a successful promotion, you need to hand out flyers or posters that are informational and unique,to grab the attention of audiences, and make someone ask what you are offering and where your business is located.

This is why when designing a flyer or a poster, you should use a free online poster maker or flyer maker that allows you to easily customize professional looking templates, in a matter of minutes and help you design stunning flyers and posters.

  • Target The Right People

You can get the most benefit out of your promotional activities if you target the right people.

When attending an expo, you should target a specific group of people, who you think are most interested in availing your services and products.
But how can you do this?

Simple — do your research beforehand, ask the organizers questions to understand the type of audience that will be attending, and make sure the expo you attend is the right fit for your brand and relevant to the products or services you offer.

  • Have A Booth At The Right Spot

Location is key. If you can manage to get a booth at an ideal spot where a lot of footfall is expected, it’s likely that you will get a lot of attention. Where your booth is positioned, along with having a good display, and lots of relevant marketing material for your business can help you out with converting attendees into customers or clients.

With a booth at an expo, you can:

  1. Meet and connect with potential clients or customers
  2. Increase your brand awareness
  3. Gain more knowledge of your industry
  4. Benefit from cost-effective marketing
  5. Close deals
  6. You learn what works and what doesn’t
  7. Launch a new product
  • Free Samples

A classic way to attract people at an expo and drive attention to your offering is through giving out free samples.
For example, if you are a clothing brand, give out free t-shirts, if you are a food brand, give out food samples. It’s a good idea to give out something that you would like to promote and get in front of the audience, or something that you are having a hard time selling. All in all, sampling is something that is always quite popular and tends to attract a lot of people to come visit your booth.

  • Offer Coupons

If giving out free products is not an option because of budget restraints, you can hand out coupons or discount codes at the expo instead, to get your brand that added exposure. Coupons play a huge role in converting people who may have not heard of your brand, into a customerYou have to keep in mind that people love saving money, even if it’s just a dollar or two.

Promoting your brand at an expo is not particularly easy and requires a lot of time, planning, strategizing and effort. By implementing some of the ideas above you can make things simpler and be sure to create your mark at the expo by attracting the attention of attendees, and driving in a lot of visitors to your booth.

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