Pros and Cons of Using a weighted Blanked for Sleep

weighted Blanked


The concept of a weighted blanket was very old, probably dating back to the 20th Century. It has gained popularity in common day usage now, so much so that it has been announced as the invention of the year of 2017. Use of a weighted blanket or gravity blanket is not only trendy, but it has certain medical benefits also. In this article, we will talk about different pros and cons of weighted blanket.

While you take the much-needed rest for the night, it is necessary that you sleep in utmost comfort and satisfaction. Putting a gravity blanket or weighted blanket resembles that of a hug and in result, it calms the body and makes your nerves relax. If we see scientifically, this is a soothing mechanism for your nerves and it generates deep touch pressure stimulation or DTP in short. Putting on a weighted blanket also results in the secretion of happy hormones in the body; namely serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. The sleep hormone or melatonin is also secreted in this process which puts the body to a state of slumber.

Other than medical benefits in the body, gravity blanket or weighted blanket has many more benefits.

Some of the good points are listed here:

  • One of the main benefits of weighted blankets is that it reduces insomnia and other sleep problems.
  • It helps you to maintain and restore the natural sleep cycle of your body
  • It helps you to soothe your nerves, in a way, it also reduces the symptoms of anxiety during sleep
  • Using a weighted blanket means you will get long and undisrupted sleep
  • As we said earlier, putting on a weighted blanket resembles hug. This is why it acts as great stress management and also reduces the signs of depression
  • If you have restless leg syndrome, then that will also be cured through the weighted blanket
  • Weighted blanket improves your concentration, memory skills and your ability to focus
  • These blankets are also a good curing agent for muscle pain.

Tips while buying a weighted blanket

While buying a weighted blanket, you must always remember to customize the weight and see how much it is comfortable for you. The usage of weighted blankets is studied thoroughly in the medical field and they have concluded that it does not possess any serious harm or acute medical condition to the human body. However, it is advisable that the weight of the blanket should be checked. As we have earlier discussed Benefits of Weighted Blanket, and egur to know more healthy and happy life tips  then you can visit Live Enhanced for your better Future.

we will now talk about some of the cons of using them.

  • If you are not comfortable with sleeping with a weighted blanket, then it may cause muscle pain and soreness in joints
  • If you are new with using the weighted blanket, then you may need a huge amount of time to get accustomed to.
  • It is also true that the weighted blankets are somewhat more expensive than the regular blankets. So if you are comfortable to increase your budget to buy a blanket, then only you can decide to get a new one
  • Weighted blankets are also not very much good when it comes to portability. They are generally huge and heavy, and cannot be carried from one place to another.


These are some of the cons of using a weighted blanket. However, it is medically proven to be beneficial and will be of great help who have issues with sleeping at night. Weighted blanket pros and cons may show why it is much more useful and why should you buy one now. Just customize the weight you are comfortable, and you will experience sound sleep forever.

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