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NADRA cards

Computerized National Identity Card

  • Fee details 

A normal NADRA smart card with a delivery time of 6 weeks costs 8,054.21 rs. , while an urgent one to be delivered in 4 weeks costs 10,433.87 rs. An additional cost of 366.1 rs. As bank surcharge along with delivery charges of 1,830 rs. Is added.

A new or a renewed MRP valid for 5 years with a delivery time of 20 days costs 5,925.13 rs. Whereas, renewed MRP with a 10-year validity costs 10,368.98 rs.

For an urgent renewed passport of 5-year validity with 10 days delivery time, the cost is 9,628.34 rs. For 10 year validity, the cost is 17,034.76 rs.

A CNIC renewal costs 400-2,150 rs whereas a SNIC costs 750-2,500 rs approximately.

A CRC for child’s validation costs 50 rs and rs. 500 for the executive category. There is no urgent method available for issuing a CRC in Pakistan. 

A POC registration costs 23,808.75 rs with a delivery time of 31 days while 31,745 rs for an executive category with a delivery time of 7 days. 

  • The validity of various cards

The validation period is different for all the NADRA cards and it is necessary that renewal is done on the proper time. 

NICOP is valid for 7 years for people of all age groups.

MRP is valid for 5 years and 10 years along with a fee deposit.

SNIC validity is of 10 years.

CNC is valid for 5-10 years and ‘valid for life’ for senior citizens ( people above the age of 65 years).

CRC validity is also 7 years.

POC validity is of 7 years as well

  • Eligibility criteria 

NICOP is issued by NADRA to people who fall under one of the following categories –

  • Any Pakistani citizen who holds a nationality of Pakistan as well as of some other country is eligible to apply. They are considered as ‘dual nationality holders’. they need to provide proof of their nationality to the other country for issuing a NICOP card.
  • A person who is employed abroad and is an emigrant of Pakistan can also apply. He/she is supposed to submit their letter of employment with the protector of emigrants along with his/her foreign services agreement.  
  • Any Pakistani citizen that holds an immigrant visa or a permit of a foreign country is categorized as an ‘immigrant or a visa holder’. he/she can apply for the card.
  • Other people of Pakistani origin who resides or intends to reside abroad for more than 6 months can also apply for NICOP. This category includes people who are dependents of the emigrant ( mother, father, wife, husband or any other relative/friend), the members of Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF), and anyone else who resides abroad for business, education or any other purpose are considered eligible. 

MRP is issued to applicants above 18 years who have a NICOP and for children below 18 years of age who should have CRC.

SNIC and CNIC cards are issued first at the age of 18 to the people living in Pakistan. While CNIC is the Urdu version computerized card, the SNIC is the first national electronic ID card of Pakistan. 

CRC is issued for the children (people below the age of 18 years) of Pakistan. It is to ensure their health and educational provisions. Once the person reaches the age of 18 years, he/she is eligible for a SNIC/CNIC. 

POC eligibility is for the people who have been living in Pakistan for their lifetime but do not hold current citizenship and now considered to be a ‘former Pakistani’. It is also issued by NADRA to eligible foreigners or Overseas Pakistanis to get back to Pakistan with a visa-free entry into the country.

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