Quick SEO Tips That Last Forever

Quick SEO Tips That Last Forever


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a strategy for ranking your website higher in search engines which can help you drive more traffic to your website and scale up your conversions. SEO consulting services optimize your website’s content so that it shows on top in search engine results.

If done wrong it can break your website but if you do it right you can drive maximum traffic to your website in an organic way. There is no business that doesn’t need SEO. so we can say SEO is Essential for website 

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We Gonna talk about SEO tips for building Huge Traffic

 1. Speed up your Website 

Are you having a website that takes time to load? Having a slow website can decrease your search engine ranking. Google’s page speed updates lower your page rank when the website loads slowly on mobile phones. 

If your website speed is slow, get a website audit and check what are the reasons that are hurting your website’s speed and try to solve those errors and make your website load fast when opened from any devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers. 

2. Meta Description And Title Tags 

The meta description is a short paragraph of text that appears below your page’s URL in the search engine results.

Meta description won’t help you improve your ranking in the search engine result page but it is something you should definitely consider before publishing your article as it can help you increase your chances of searchers clicking on your result.

Your meta description should not contain more than 160 characters because after 160 words search results will not show characters so when you write a meta description keep in mind that it should look complete in search results. 

3. Internal linking 

Internal linking is a practice that writers and editors can carry out when publishing articles to help pull traffic around your website which can lead to high trust signals for Google.

It provides your visitors with further reading options as long as they are relevant and you must use clear anchor text which can help you reduce your bounce rate. 

It helps to improve your SEO rankings for specific keywords.

4. Authority 

Authority is one of the essential factors that can importantly affect your SEO performance. It is divided into three stages.

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority 
  • Link authority 

Domain authority – domain authority is an indicator of a domain’s power to rank, containing a variety of signals that indicate that a website is of high quality and it can be trusted.

Page authority – page authority is an indicator of a page’s power to rank. The higher page authority, the better domain authority.

Link authority – link authority is an indicator of the ranking power that a link carries over. 

5. Mobile-first indexing 

Google now considers mobile-first indexing, so if you don’t have a mobile site, your desktop site will still be used but if your site is not mobile responsive it may affect your search engine ranking, so remember that user experience is huge.

And if have a mobile-friendly website you may see an increase in traffic from Smartphone Googlebot, until now the desktop site was considered the primary version of the website but from September 2020 mobile site will be considered as the primary version of website, so make sure your the website is mobile-friendly which can help your get more traffic to your website.

6. Create easy to read content 

An easy to read content is clearly structured content that provides value to site visitors using images and insights that is helpful to searcher’s query and provides them high-quality content which can be helpful to them.

Don’t forget to target keywords naturally in your content which can be helpful to drive more traffic that is related to your content. 

7. Take care of duplicate content in your website

The same content that appears on multiple URLs in your website is not appreciated by search engines and can cause seriously lower your website’s ranking, sometimes it’s hard to avoid duplicate content, specially in eCommerce website where same product with different size, color have the same content but displayed in different web pages.

In that case, use a canonical tag that points out which page is considered as original content. You can use 301 redirects to make sure your SEO is directed to one website address and not divided into different web pages.

8. Keep updating your website frequently 

Sites with vital content often rank higher than fixed content, that’s the reason blogging sites rank well in search engines. They are constantly being updated with relevant and

new content.

If you are selling products or services you should start writing blogs about your services or products you offer so your visitors can learn more about your products and if they find it helpful they surely will purchase it and you can grow your sales by it.

9. Confirm that your website is indexed in search engines

Search engines will automatically find and index your eCommerce website content but don’t be 100% sure about it. If you want to be sure that Google, Bing, Yahoo, are crawling your website so that visitors are finding you online. You can index directly if they don’t crawl.

10. Use keyword in your content images 

Include keywords that reflect your content topic in the image title, description, alt text, and change the title of the image if the image file does not reflect your main keywords.

When someone searches keyword related images your content will be visible to them from where you can drive more traffic to your website content.

11. Use short URL 

Short and better URLs provide better user experience and also help search engines to crawl it easily, and you must make sure that you target keywords in URL so visitors can recognize that your content is relevant to them.

12. Create backlink from other websites 

Link building is essential for the success of your SEO strategy, so if you have prepared to spend your time, money, Etc in creating content, you should also be prepared to commit to spending more time in promoting and generating links to your content.

Creating backlinks to your Development website content is a prime factor of google’s ranking algorithm, so keep building backlinks in relevant websites related to your business and you can also start guest posting on other websites and create backlinks from it.

 13. Use social media 

Social media does not contribute directly to SEO ranking but the links you share around social media platforms increase brand exposure. It influences SEO in six directions : 

  • Improve organic traffic and online visibility
  • Increase brand recognition 
  • Boost local SEO
  • Enhance brand reputation 
  • Longer lifespan of your posts 
  • Extensive content distribution 

If you are about to start creating a website you can get SEO friendly website themes for your website and if you want to get your website SEO done you can check out SEO optimization service for your website so you can drive more and more traffic to your website organically and scale up your conversions. At Blogger Outreach Services, we connect you with the top bloggers in your industry to help get your brand or product in front of their audience.



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