Is It Good to Quit Your Job for Influencer Marketing?

Quit Your Job for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is that form of marketing in which the thought leaders are used as propagating medium for spreading the word about a product or service. The inclusion of influencers who endorse the product or service in between the business and direct consumers take the dilemma out of end users’ minds. When they listen to the message embedded in the blog, video or article created by influencer, they are doubly sure of the effectiveness and credibility of the product or idea in question.

Understandably, the top marketing influencers are paid handsome for the job. They use their expertise to talk convincingly about the service or product in question which actually looks justnatural. It is because of the reach, influence or impact that marketing efforts are paid well and ultimately translate into higher numbers. Marketers, because of the fully developed promotional vehicle available with influencers, prefer paying to them instead of approaching the end consumers directly.

Influencer marketing – plethora of earning opportunities with dose of job satisfaction

While influencer marketers are giving businesses a sure fire way of promoting products, a way with which comes along the promise of better returns; it also works in favor of people who take up the role of influencer. Companies are ready to pay anywhere between$30000 to $150000 per annum to the influencers who are able to create ripple effect for the products’ promotioncampaign. Apart from being financially satisfying, the profile of influencer marketer is turning out to be a game changer for the internet-savvy and social media-friendly experts who fulfill certain criteria:

  • They are passionate about certain way of living which actually looks enticing to the followers.
  • They are great story tellers who can bring fiction and facts together to create something very much relatable and shareable for the audience
  • They have certain goals in their mind pertaining to the lifestyle they want to adopt. A 9 to 5 job may suck the soul off them and are constantly looking for some creative outlet that helps them expose their interesting mindset and fetches them good money too.
  • One of the most visible criterion is that each post of theirs ends up having atleast 10k followers, views, shares and likes and so on.
  • The influencers are self-motivated people who are disciplined in their own way and still value flexibility in the way of working.
  • Their work shows in-depth research done in right direction and they are able to strike the right chord with their ideas, writing style and presentation skills.
  • Most importantly, they are working on their own and revel in the pride of being someone unique, influential and completely result-oriented in the way of working.
  • They love spending time in reading and enriching their market’s knowledge and are never tired of being on social media. Their networking skills are exceptional too, and their campaigns spell success.

If we compare the points mentioned above with the job you are doing right now and are not happy about the present state of affairs, you will find that:

  • You took up certain job just to pay the debts and to feel safe and financially secured. At most of the times during the day, you are doing your job because you do not have courage as well as resources to live the dream you grew up seeing.
  • You have lot of responsibility and the fear of going off the track by not conforming to set pattern of working for someone else and securing a stable source of income gives you sleepless nights.
  • You are just a starter and use job as a vehicle to explore the possibilities and to add years of experience in the resume.
  • If you are doing job because of these three main reasons, then you are sure to become frustrated very soon. These may give you a constant source of earning, but the approach will be quite mechanical.

When influencer marketing works better

The best part of being influencer marketer is that you need not have years and years of experience, however, you need to be thorough in the niche you have chosen. You should have earned a position of reputation which is gauged by number of followers, mostly.

Secondly, influencer marketing works great for you when you have established an online entity with the help of organic and paid promotion of your social media profile of that of blogger, writer, content creator, artist, etc. This is possible to achieve when you are able to devote a respectable span of time to the social media and do thorough homework before creating any post. For someone who have earned sufficiently to be self-dependent, influencer marketing comes as an opportunity to do something you truly believe in.

To conclude

If you go through the list of social media influencers you will come across the fact that many of them have quit their regular 9 to 5 job and are earning good enough as influencers. However, it is a good decision to take stays an important concern. To decide whether to quit job to take up influencer marketing full time, it is essential to sit back and think deeply as well as critically. If done right and in right spirit, the influencer marketing can be a goldmine for the people who believe in gig economy and may deliver better results than a job.

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