Quitting Smoking Gives a Better Life to People with Lung Cancer

Quitting Smoking Gives a Better Life to People with Lung Cancer


A report reveals the amazing fact that how people with lung cancer can reduce the progress of the disease. A new study says that quitting smoking increases the lifespan of patients who are suffering from lung cancer.

The survival rate of such people is higher which is proven with the largest prospective studies in Russia. The best lung specialist claims that if a person who is living with lung cancer continues smoking, it worsens the condition and results in life-threatening disease.

The group of people who did quit or did not quit smoking lived longer. Early diagnosed cancer can slow down once you start improving your lifestyle choices.

Researchers Give Evidence to Strengthen the Case

With a survey, it’s been proven that many people who had been diagnosed with cancer did not quit smoking, which led to the worsening condition. You can say that such lifestyle choices decreased their lifespan.  

There was strong evidence that proves how quitting smoking can help to lower developing lung cancer. But there is still more research required on how quitting smoking benefits people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer.

But recent studies found some strong evidence that strengthens the case. These studies involved the minor smoking status over time.

The current studies address the challenging question of how smoking affects people after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Surveys of Patients with Lung Cancer

IARC sponsored a study to conduct the survey over the telephone. It involved the experience of the people who did not quit smoking after being diagnosed with the early-stage of the NSCLC. It took an average of 7 years to conduct the study of those patients.

The study involved multiple factors, such as their smoking status, treatments, little information, events, the progress of cancer, etc.

According to the survey, 220 patients quit smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer but 8 resumed smoking.

Patients who quit smoking were more likely to live a healthy life than those who did not quit smoking.

The estimated study included that 75% of people would be alive after 3 years of diagnoses who said no to smoking.

Quitting smoking enhances the life quality of such patients whether they have been diagnosed with mild or moderate symptoms. Receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy is also the best way to lower the progress of cancer in your lungs.

No matter what the status of the treatment is, or if you are a moderate or mild smoker, patients need to quit smoking as soon as possible once they are being diagnosed with NSCLC.

The researchers claim that the study did not involve biological differences in patients.

Tobacco Treatment – What Experts Believe about Cancer Care

Although quitting smoking brings many positive effects, there is still a requirement to add tobacco treatment as a part of cancer care.

Experts are working on this strategy to make it a part of cancer care. It will help people to quit smoking or reduce the negative effects of smoking on the patients who undergo treatment for cancer.

Researchers think that such lung cancer diagnosed patients need support and proper care to get rid of smoking habits as it can trigger the symptoms.

Health Professionals Help To Quit Smoking 

To find the details about the health risk of smoking, you can get help from many health care professionals. For example, dentists, pharmacists, doctors, and health care providers are always there to help the people who want to cut off nicotine.

Studies reveal that someone who currently smokes can be helped by surrounding people. You should express how much you are concerned about quitting smoking but never remind smokers about their past experiences. You should not force smokers to quit smoking until they say it but you still can convince them a little bit.

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