What Do Rangefinders Actually Do for Casual Golfers?

What Do Rangefinders Actually Do for Casual Golfers?

In recent times the popularity of golf has increased. More people view the sport as a fun way of spending their free time. 

But while that might be the case, most casual golfers have the notion that only professional golfers need to use golfing equipment such as rangefinders. Others are avoiding using these devices to save on costs. 

This article strives to explain why rangefinders are essential to every golfer, even those playing the sport casually.

First things first. 

What Are Rangefinders? 

This is a device that determines the distance of a target from the observer’s position. Golfers use these devices to have a clear idea of their target distance (usually the flag), reach out to Tee Precision to find the best golf rangefinders for your needs.

Why Do Golfers Need Rangefinders? 

If you are a true golfing enthusiast, then you’ll want to enjoy the sport and improve your golfing abilities. As such, you shouldn’t have any qualms about spending money on a golf rangefinder to help improve your golfing experience. 

You don’t have to go all out and spend huge sums to acquire these devices. Several rangefinders are efficient in helping you improve your targeting, yet they are cost-friendly. 

What Are the Best Budget Golf Rangefinders? 

When choosing the best budget rangefinder to improve your game, it is essential to heed the devices’ attributes. 

The factors to consider include accuracy levels, ease of use, the maximum distance they can shoot, the display technology, slope measurement capabilities, and battery life. Here are some excellent golf rangefinders you can use:

  • Precision Pro Golf Nexus: This device is one of the cost-efficient laser rangefinders you can acquire ($199.99). 

Precision Pro Gulf Nexus rangefinder has an ergonomic design that enables it to fit perfectly into your hands. Besides being easy to use, this device gives you a 400 yardage range and 1/10 yard capabilities for accurate readings. 

  • Callaway Pro 300: This rangefinder gives you a -/+1 yard accuracy of up to 100 yards. It also has pin acquisition technology that enables it to lock pins from 300 yards away. 

Moreover, they have a 6x scope magnification. You can buy these devices for approximately $199.99

  • WOSPORTS H-100AG: At a selling price of $109.99, this rangefinder is one of the cheapest. Even so, its features are not limited. 

It can measure the distance of targets in long-yardage ranges and slopes. To add to that, it has a 6x magnification ability that ensures you have a clear view of the target. 

What Do Casual Golfers Get From Using Golf Rangefinders? 

  1. They will provide you with a much better understanding of how far you hit each club. 
  2. When you use these devices, you will be awarded by being on the green rather than the bunker whenever you hit great shots. 
  3. Rangefinders increase your decisiveness on which club to hit. You will be sure which club to hit, given that rangefinders help you determine how far you are and how far you hit your previous club. 
  4. These devices enable you to determine the distance you need from right where you are. As such, they eliminate the need for you to search for marked sprinklers. 
  5. They help improve your overall score. Given that rangefinders help improve your accuracy, you’ll probably have more birdies when you play. 

If you want to improve your golfing and play more accurate shots, you need to use rangefinders. These devices will help you make more informed decisions as you play. 

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