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3 Common Reasons Why Your Boiler Might Not Be Working Properly

issues with your boiler

Throughout the winter months, you are most likely doing a variety of things to keep your house and yourself as warm and comfortable as reasonably possible. However, if your boiler isn’t functioning properly or your radiator is giving you a hard time, you might find yourself in a situation where you are layering up with blankets and duvets in order to keep warm, especially throughout the night. Well, it can be the right time to look for new boilers or radiators. You can visit Radiator outlet in this regard.

There is nothing fun about having to deal with issues with your boiler in the middle of winter. If you have invested in an expensive boiler service, it is imperative to avail the services of plumbing and heating companies to stay comfortably with your loved ones. While you might be able to schedule a maintenance specialist to come out and have a look, you still might have to try to find other ways of staying warm in the meantime. You might also find yourself wondering just what could have gone wrong, especially if you are the type of person who keeps up with routine servicing on all major appliances in your home.

Even though you shouldn’t attempt any major repairs on your own unless you have been trained and equipped to do so, you might be able to manage some of the more common fixes yourself. At the very least, identifying the issue can help the repairperson you have scheduled fix it for you faster.

With that in mind, here are three of the more common reasons why your boiler might not be functioning properly.

1. Malfunctioning Flow Switch

A flow switch is a component of a tank or vessel that monitors the flow rate of the liquid within it. When it comes to your boiler, the flow switch helps to indicate whether the pump that is running the water through the system needs to turn on or off. 

If the flow switch has become clogged with debris or something of that nature, it might be telling the system to stop pumping water when you really need it to. The flow switch that you have might need to be cleaned of debris, or it might need to be replaced entirely if it isn’t functioning properly.

2. Low Pressure

Every boiler has to have a certain amount of pressure in order to function properly. If the pressure dips too low, you won’t get the functionality that you need from your appliance. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why your boiler might have low pressure.

Among the most common reasons for low pressure with a boiler is the presence of a leak somewhere in the system or if you have bled your radiators recently. The fix might be a matter of having someone come out to find and repair a leak, or perhaps you just need to wait for the pressure to rebuild after bleeding your radiators. The following guide will help you determine whether it is convenient to get your radiator replaced or not: iheat.co.uk/boiler-help/when-should-you-replace-radiators.

3. The Pilot Light Has Gone Out

Every boiler is going to have a pilot light. If that light goes out, your boiler won’t work. Thankfully, this is a simple fix that you can most likely take care of yourself. You might need to consult the manual that came with your boiler in order to find the location of its pilot light, but generally speaking, this is an easy fix.

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