Reasons You Need to Grow a Beard

Grow a Beard


Beards have become a trend with men all over the world. This is a sharp contrast to the 70s and 80S where manliness was all about having a big afro and shaving your beard by yourself. There are some people that have got used to the idea of having a beard and do their best to take care of it by using beard oil, brushes or massagers, and regular grooming. For these bearded people it will be hard or almost impossible to imagine life without their beard. There are a couple of advantages of growing your facial other than attracting the fairer species and we’re going to highlight some of them.

More Confidence

It might sound lame deriving confidence from facial hair but it does help a lot. Studies have shown that men that are confident in themselves and their abilities tend to be more successful. With a beard, there is a sense of confidence and power that will be felt by those around you. When you grow a beard, you not only set a high standard for success for yourself but also for those that are around you. The decision to grow a beard could be the impetus you need in order to embark on a new chapter in your life.

 Make a Good First Impression

There has been a study that involved eight men that grow their beards and then cut them. The participants were required to take pictures of different stages of the growth process. Once the men had full beards, the researchers took photos and analyzed facial expressions. It was found out that those men with beards were perceived to have a fuller face and conveyed positivity. The men looked more mature and healthy because of the full beards. That explains why a lot of ladies are attracted to men with beards.

Shaving Could Cause Acne

You’ve probably seen what some people have to go through because of shaving on a regular basis. There are studies that have shown that shaving could help the spreading the bacteria that is known to cause acne. Instead of wasting your time shaving, you should be checking out Beard Growth World on tips on how to go grow your beard. You reduce the chances of getting acne while improving your confidence in the process.

Natural Filters

A person that has a mustache will significantly reduce the chances of having microscopic allergens entering the nose. This will result in fewer allergic reactions and you’re not likely to suffer from conditions such as hay fever. A beard will take the whole filtration protection to another level. A beard can also help in keeping the allergens away from your mouth. The combination of the beard and the mustache is unstoppable when it comes to filtering microscopic allergens.

Reduces the Risk of Gum Disease

The beard and the mouth will, of course, work together to reduce the chances of airborne getting into your mouth. This will in turn help in minimizing the risks of getting gum disease because bacteria are the main cause. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and do the basics. Your beard can only go so far with the protection.

Fewer Wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles on your face is a sign that you’re getting old. When you grow a beard, your face will be protected from the harsh UV rays from the sun, hence fewer wrinkles compared to someone that doesn’t have a beard. Not everyone has the opportunity and ability to grow a beard. If you’re in a position to do so, there is no reason why you should be cutting your hair.

Keeps the Skin Moist

A person that grows a beard is likely to have smooth and moist skin. Shaving regularly will dry your face and open up the pores. Things will only get worse during summer and winter when the conditions are not that favorable to the skin. You can avoid such a predicament by simply growing a beard.

Can Help in Preventing other Bacterial Infections

Bacteria on the skin can come from different sources. Having exposed pores will mean that you’re more susceptible to different bacterial infections. Having a beard is more than an accessory. It can reduce the chances of getting some facial skin conditions. If someone tells you that you need to shave, remind them about the health benefits of having facial hair.

We hope this article has convinced you to grow facial hair if you were still sitting on the face. The advantages are numerous and you get to have a better outlook of life. All the work that is required from your end is to stop shaving.

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