Top-rated Red Tiger Slot Games in 2021

Top-rated Red Tiger Slot Games in 2021

As 2021 rolls around there are millions of slot gamblers around the world licking their lips, because they know that with each year the games will get better and better. It’s not an overly optimistic thing to think this these days either, because it is a virtual guarantee that online slot developers like Play N GO, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and Red Tiger are all going to pull out the stops this year – it’s almost impossible for them not too!

Red Tiger in particular are an online slot developer that have really started to turn heads in the industry, after several years of immensely high-quality output from the company. And it’s not just industry professionals who can see the appeal of Red Tiger, because their slots are getting more and more popular for punters too – visit and play aloha slot.

Want to know some top-rated Red Tiger slot games in 2021? We suggest you keep reading to find out… 

Red Tiger: Rapidly rising slot developer 

Amazingly Red Tiger was only established in 2014, which is very surprising considering the extent to the developer’s popularity and market prestige. As is often the case with these new slot developers, however, the team behind Red Tiger all had a great deal of experience delivering slot software elsewhere, so perhaps it’s not much of a surprise that the company has expanded so quickly. 

Red Tiger say themselves that they “live and breathe slots”, which is another reason why their games are so well regarded in the industry too. We expect to see Red Tiger continuing to expand across Europe and Asia, with a load more high quality slots a guarantee too! 

Top-rated new Red Tiger slots in 2021 

We wonder whether or not you truly believe us when we say how fast Red Tiger are expanding, and the quality of their games. Well, if you are still to be convinced, just check out some of these top-rated new Red Tiger slots in 2021: 

  •         Betty, Boris and Boo: One of the funniest online slot titles we’ve seen in quite some time, Betty, Boris and Boo is a game that is fresh off the press over at Red Tiger, and it comes with a maximum multiplier win that hits a whooping 5,000x! Throw 4×4 expanding symbols into the mix and you’ve got a quality online slot on your hands.
  •         Regal Beasts: This slot takes animals like the lion, the dragon, Cerberus and the eagle as its main inspiration, using a classic 5×3 reel and 10 pay lines. Regal Beasts is high volatility, so it should interest the high rollers amongst us the most!

·         Agent Royale: Agent Royale is Red Tiger’s attempt at making a suave, spy inspired slot, giving gamblers a “licence to spin”. The aesthetic looks to be spot on here, and with 40 pay lines on a slightly unusual 5×4 reel grid there are more than enough opportunities to get those wins in. The locked wilds bonus is also very exciting, where you must defuse a bomb in time!

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