Remote Working: Achieve Work-Life Balance with These 6 Tips

Work-Life Balance

The ongoing rise of remote working recently has become a breeze for employees. Not having to rush and join the nearest traffic jam on the way to work is definitely one of the biggest perks of working from home. Yet it also comes with a cost: the blurring line of your work and personal life. Here are some tips for you to tackle this very issue.

Before Working

Build a morning routine

It’s easy to destroy your work-life balance when you only revolve your daily routine around work. For example, checking emails immediately after you wake up gives you no time to take care of yourself. Instead, try to wake up earlier and set out an hour or two for your morning routine.

You can fill this time with your choices of morning habits. A quick caffeine boost from the De’Longhi coffee machine along with short, low-intensity exercise, will wake your body up gently. Then, taking a shower after a workout is a good way to make you feel fresher and better. You can continue with getting a good, healthy breakfast to fuel your body with the energy needed for the day. Sounds better than working while feeling like a zombie, doesn’t it?

Dedicate a specific area as your workspace

Remote working maybe gives you the freedom to work literally anywhere, including in the comfort of your bed and on the couch in front of the TV. However, it’s better for you to set up a special workstation at home. A desk in the corner of your room will simply do. Choose a clean and clutter-free spot where you can fully focus on your work without worrying about getting distracted. This is a simple way to separate your work from your personal life at home.

During Work

Take small, regular breaks

Sometimes we tend to hyperfocus and get lost in work without taking breaks for a while. In an office setting, it’s usually compensated with a small chit-chat with your coworkers or getting coffee from the pantry. Do you know that these seemingly insignificant activities are actually good for you? You need to incorporate this while working from home, too. 

Allocate a few small breaks within your working hours in your daily schedule. You can take 5 minutes away from your laptop and do things like drink water or stretch your body. It’s also important to fully give yourself a pause from work during lunch break and just focus on giving yourself a healthy meal. Sticking to a schedule of when to focus and take breaks will help you balance your life. If you live with a spouse, family, or a roommate, it’s also important to let them know about your schedule so they can adjust.

Multitasking is a no-no

This is a cliché yet important to remember: focus only where you need to focus. It can be easier said than done since distractions are everywhere. Working remotely from home can be challenging with the sight of chores you need to finish, tempting you to do them during work hours. Time-blocking your day for each task at a time might help you to be mindful and stay on track throughout the day.

After Work

Stay away from your workspace and work

Being at home and not needing to commute, working remotely can sometimes lead to the expectation of 24/7 availability. Some workplaces may use this to their advantage, yet anybody can see that it’s unhealthy. Try to distance yourself from your working spot and your work as soon as the working hour ends. Closing your laptop and turning off work notifications on your phone might help get your mind off work-related things.

Make after-work hours exciting

Again, the key to having an ultimate work-life balance is not to let your life revolve only around work. Therefore, you need to make sure there are things you look forward to doing after work. It’s easy to let these free hours slip, and before you know it, it’s already another day to work. Avoid this by planning out your after-work activities beforehand.

Set up exciting agendas, be it simple ones at home or plans involving going outside. If you fancy developing yourself in a fun way, you can choose a fun hobby such as reading books, learning a new musical instrument, or going to the gym. On the other days, you might also feel the need to socialize, since working from home can get a little bit lonely. Whether virtually or in person, catching up with friends is a good idea to execute.

It might take a bit of extra effort, but work-life balance is surely achievable. Working is great but remember that you need to work to live, not the other way around. Stay healthy and stay sane; you got this!

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