Ron Meyer Talks About His NBCUniversal Exit, Will Smith Oscars Slap – Deadline

Ron Meyer Talks About His NBCUniversal Exit, Will Smith Oscars Slap – Deadline
Ex-NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer opened up about his clouded departure from his former task in a huge-ranging podcast before this month, admitting to lousy judgment although expressing he did not begrudge his firing.
A calm Meyer appeared in the OnTheRags podcast, a discussion with former ICM agent Risa Shapiro, Amy Motta, Gloria Butler, and Sloan Kivo. Meyer was not hesitant to speak about just about anything, which include his very long-rumored tattoos.and how daily life has transformed considering the fact that his departure from NBCUniversal, one particular of the best employment in Hollywood.

Meyer was dismissed as NBCUniversal vice chairman in August 2020 right after he disclosed that he manufactured hush-funds payments to a lady to cover up an aged affair. A founder of CAA prior to helming NBCU, Meyer was a single of Hollywood’s titans, earning his tumble from grace all the steeper.

Nevertheless, he’s maintined his standpoint on things.

“I just obtained back from Cannes,” Meyer said. “I stated to every person, ‘In my previous daily life, when I would go to Cannes, every person would raise me and have me all above the place. This very last journey, I’m the lifter. I’m carrying everybody.’ So that was the difference in owning the work and not owning it.”

Meyer dove into the what-how of his scandal, contacting it a “two-evening dalliance,” including, “In my life of lousy judgments, that was a single of my bad judgments.”

He claimed he settled with his lover simply because “I didn’t want to harm my ex-spouse. I did not want my little ones to locate out that i experienced completed this, and the whole detail was uncomfortable and seedy. So I made a settlement with her, and in that settlement, she had a boyfriend who called me often for advice, and I tried using to be handy to him…all of a unexpected, I got a letter from him and his lawyer making an attempt to sue me for not giving him fantastic information, or whichever you want to connect with it.”

Meyer claimed that “Universal resolved to fireplace me due to the fact I did not convey to them that I had settled a prospective lawsuit that named them. I hope I’m saying this suitable, but that’s specifically what occurred, and it wasn’t a Me-Way too problem. It wasn’t just about anything other than that.”

The FBI investigated it, he mentioned. “I necessarily mean it’s a…you know, I was extorted, in my belief. I certainly paid these guys, by the way,” stating that they questioned for “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“It was an incredible condition. By the way, i’m not the only a single they’ve finished this to, proper? But, you know, appear — people today in today’s litigious modern society, of course anything came out, and today’s men and women can sue for anything they want to, yeah, and you’re pressured to have to defend it, by the way, in every single courtroom in the world. In all places someone’s lying and someone’s telling the real truth, everybody’s swearing on a stack of Bibles.”

Meyer claimed he didn’t begrudge his firing.

“Truth is, you know, when you get the job done for someone…people do what they want. They just have to honor their contract. They do not have to like the way I costume or the way I look, at the way I seem, the way I act. They can fire me at will. They have that correct to do it, and so I don’t begrudge that. I always realized that one particular working day, the career would conclusion. I didn’t like the way it ended. I thought it was undignified. I’d hoped that I would leave in a extra unforgettable way, or considerably less memorable way, I guess. So that was that.

“It was embarrassing and uncomfortable simply because I was uncovered with out any see to telling my youngsters and my ex-wife, and I felt undesirable that I damage people today that I loved. I was dropping my position, certainly. I usually knew that this task was not mine to preserve forever. I experienced lasted lengthier than any person ever expected.”

Meyer is performing on his own jobs and has identified the joys of doing work from home.

“It’s terrific. I suggest, I’m rarely out of sweatpants or shorts, and I’m not acquiring a undesirable time at all. I’m not sure I could go back again to a square head occupation yet again. I couldn’t go back again to a sq. head occupation again.”

Meyer could no for a longer time be at the major of Hollywood’s meals chain, but he shared his impression on the subject that’s dominated the very last quarter — the notorious Oscars slap by Will Smith on Chris Rock.

“It’s a actual hard a person,” Meyer claimed. “I’ve regarded Will for numerous, numerous years. I know Chris Rock for several a long time. I admire and like them equally a whole lot. I suggest, it was so out of character for Will, you know? From my point of view, it was a punk ass thing to do. You know, if Mike Tyson was on stage, he would not have accomplished it.”

Meyer predicted a bounce-back for Smith, including he deserved his Finest Actor Oscar.

“He did not should have a standing ovation. But I imagine that was a strange spontaneous act, and he warrants to be in the doghouse for a although. He did not deserve to get away with it.”

He concluded, “He did not do something that must end his career. He’s not Harvey Weinstein. He’s not. He just did a punk-ass rooster [ __ ] matter.”

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