Using Salesforce for Enhancing the Sales Pipeline – The Essential Tips

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Every business, established, small and start-up wants more sales. They want to earn profit and expand their business further. It’s the reliable connections between the sales professionals and customers that are essential for running a business successfully. One of the most potent factors that help in enhancing sales and maximizing customer loyalty is a systematic CRM.

Gartner, for 12 consecutive years has applauded Salesforce for its advanced CRM solution. It has helped many companies to streamline their CRM, manage customer data, lead generation and expand their business the way they want.

Understanding Salesforce

Simply put, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps companies to address and manage their CRM activities effectively. The solution provides a wide range of services and tools, that helps in customer relationship management. It also helps in custom app development, in both the small- and large-scale industries. Using this platform smartly, you can unlock some of the essential customer insights, understand their requirement and treat them better. 

Today, the Salesforce software tools and solutions get used by several companies that belong to various industry vertical. Some of the sectors that gained ample help from Salesforce CRM are automotive, financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, media and communications, manufacturing, retail and many more. To know more about this, you can check out 

Salesforce CRM and Sales Enhancement

Most business owners and entrepreneurs who are thinking of using Salesforce CRM have one pertinent question – How can Salesforce CRM help to grow business and make more sales? The answer is simple. Other than the distinct advantages like scalability, cloud-based services, flexibility and the like, the solution offers several tools. These tools help companies to connect better with their customers and make increased sales. The tools are:


1. The Sales Automation tool


If you want to enhance your business sales with Salesforce, you must automate the sales pipeline. This tool is apt for this future and offers several features, such as:

    • Opportunity management – It helps to manage all the deals, payment, product tracking, delivery payments and many more. Your business team members receive the real-time updates which they can put to good use. 
    • Contact and account management – These tools help to draw a holistic picture of every client by keeping track of their discussions, contacts, activities and contacts. Businesses will also have access to insights from Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media channels. 
    • Lead management – It enables you to convert the leads to sales and helps the sales representatives. 
    • Mobile – Business owners can upload the Salesforce CRM in their mobile and continue their work from almost any location. 
    • Sales data – It helps you to have access to the correct and latest data. The tool updates the vital data automatically concerning accounts, leads and contacts, that allows them to drive the procedures. You need to import and sync in data from multiple sources. 
    • Reports and dashboards – It provides you with detailed reports that highlight the real state of the business at one go.
    • Approvals and workflow – Make use of the visual workflow tool for visualizing and designing any business process. Also, it allows business owners to sanction the requests through email and Chatter without postponing any deals. 


  • Sales Forecasting It provides AI-generated algorithms that make precise forecasts based on accessible data. It helps to offer proper updates and the required adjustments, track the member performance and outline a reasonable goal.
  • Share and Files Sync As a team, using this tool, you can work with the files anywhere. You can also sync it and securely share the files. Also, you can search for data, publish news, track the content and correct any mistakes.

2. The Marketing Automation tool




It is one of the specialized tools and helps companies to manage and streamline their marketing process. It helps your company to promote its products via multiple channels. Some of the best features are:

  • Journey Builder helps in making connections all through the channels and helps in one-on-one client relationships. 
  • Salesforce DMP helps to capture and then activate data from almost any sources. 
  • The Advertising Studio can generate target ads. 
  • Social Studio also engages with clients using social media channels.
  • Data Studio gets high-end data, and it also activates it for getting a brand-new audience.
  • There’s an Email Studio that helps to generate personalized email campaigns. 
  • Interaction Studio helps to visualize various user initiatives on a real-time mode on every channel. It also helps in generating valuable engagement at the right moment.
  • Mobile Studio helps to generate mobile interactions that comprise of group messaging, push notifications and SMS.

Last but not least, there’s Pardot which assists the B2B segment. It also coordinates the sales and marketing department’s initiatives while working on a particular client.


3. The Service Automation Tools 


Here the users have access to a customized Service Cloud, that manages service, data and technical support of the consumers, during the after-sales stage. It also concentrates on resolving the maintenance tasks. Furthermore, it automates the main functions of the process, maximizes customer satisfaction and optimizes the client co-operation. Here the consumer gets support on their chosen online channels, such as live chats, social networks as well as mobile messaging. Also, there are the AI-powered chatbots that offer instant answer without any delay. It also provides help in generating the self-service websites, where the users can locate the required data on their own. 

Hence, we can conclude that implementing Salesforce CRM businesses can maximize their review. They can also enhance customer satisfaction, improve internal communications and develop a profitable organization. The Salesforce tool comes with several advantages which can enhance business performance as well. If you are planning to opt-in for this tool, it’s a good investment. However, it is essential to know and realize that even the best online systems are unable to substitute people inside an organization. It means that the human element is always a crucial aspect. Automation adds to an already existing effective sales and marketing team. So, as you join hands with a reputed Salesforce CRM provider, make sure that your teams are performing correctly.


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