Your Guide To Better Self Care In 2021

Your Guide To Better Self Care In 2021

Self-care is not the same as health, although it does couple up quite nicely. Self-care is more about taking the time each day, or each week, to really invest in yourself by doing something that you love and enjoy and that makes you feel good without the pressures of everyday life.
Pick A Day Of The Week – #SelfCareSunday

It’s easy to say “I’m going to do self-care” but much more difficult to actually DO self-care.”

For that reason, the best tip is to actually schedule in some time to do self-care, and self-worth affirmation. Take a look at the #SelfCareSunday hashtag on Instagram to really get some good inspiration. It doesn’t have to be a long afternoon or a whole day; even just an hour will make a big difference to your week.

Try Juicing

You know how difficult it is to get in all of your veggies and fruit in the day, right? Why not go for a juice option instead? This is a great way to boost your nutrient intake in an easy and mess free way, by juicing or even blending into a smoothie, a healthy start to the day with greens and veggies.

If you have trouble swallowing, try s food thickener like SimplyThick to help things go down easier.

Get Outside For Lunch

Working from home is great, but many of us are now missing our afternoon lunchtime stroll, even if that was just around the black of your office.

It can seem much easier to just ditch the stroll and spend half an hour with Netflix instead, but getting outside for a little walk every day is good for you, good for your heart, and good for boosting that Vitamin D you’re probably lacking, especially during the wintertime.


Try A Gratitude Journal


Gratitude journals are a really great idea for mental wellbeing, and they give you a few minutes each day to sit down and write.

Every day, spend some time writing down five things that you are grateful for and mediate slightly on why those things made you feel grateful. It’s best to try a gratitude journal with real pen and paper, rather than on your phone, where you’re likely to get distracted by social media notifications and emails.

Let Light In

Let in the light! Daylight is good for you; it’s a good source of vitamin D, and having regular doses of daylight can help to combat the symptoms of Seasonal Affective disorder (SADs) that is so prevalent at this time of year.

Go on, throw open those curtains to greet the day!

Nurture A Plant

Have you got a plant in your life? Being green-fingered may not be for everyone, but watching something grow and taking a little bit of time to nurture that little life is very rewarding.

Not only that, but the few minutes you’ll spend every day watering and tending your plant will mean you’re not spending it scrolling or over-working.

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