What are the main reasons that you should prefer higher studies in Ireland?

What are the main reasons that you should prefer higher studies in Ireland

 Ireland is known as the land of scholars and the reputation of Ireland for high-quality education has made it the topmost priority of every student for pursuing higher studies. Many people prefer to do higher studies in Ireland because of several kinds of advantages and tradition of excellence provided by this particular nation which makes it globally recognised. Ireland has been one of the most eminent seats of education in Europe because of the reputation possessed by it and the best part is that the modern government of this particular nation gives proper and due importance to education.

Every year approximately more than two lakh students from across the globe come to Ireland for study purpose and apart from the best quality education people will also enjoy different kinds of benefits in the form of great employability, rich cuisine and culture.

 Following are the most important reasons why people should prefer Ireland for students and higher studies:


  • It comes with the best education from world-class universities: The Irish education system is considered to be the best in the whole world and the academic quality assurance systems of Ireland is very much sophisticated which helps in providing the people with the advantage of consistency throughout the process. The Irish education system focuses on the heuristic methodology rather than the pedagogy intensive method of education which makes sure that people will be able to develop their skills with the help of practical exposure throughout the educational journey.
  • It is based upon the very high quality of research: Ireland invests approximately more than 700 million annually in research and into the higher education institutions which further makes sure that quality of education will be top-notch over here and people can pursue research opportunities into more than 19 fields including the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities stream. So, there will be no issue with the people studying over there and the best part is that they will be enjoying the best possible practical exposure through top-notch research facilities.
  • There are close educational links: Ireland also has the best links with both the US and UK and the best part is that higher education institutions in Ireland also permit the credit transfer provision to several kinds of universities and colleges in the UK as well as the US. So, this concept is very much successful in terms of increasing the opportunities for the students to continue their education into different kinds of countries which is another raid on advantage why people prefer to study in Ireland.
  • This is home to very leading companies: Ireland is the second most attractive company for foreign direct investment after Singapore which further make sure that several kinds of technology giants like Google, IBM, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and several other kinds of pharmaceutical companies are also very much successfully settled over here. Such companies are carrying out the operation is perfect which ultimately enhances the employment opportunities for the people and the best benefit is that there will be no shortage of jobs for the students who are studying into Ireland.
  • The education as well as stay in Ireland is very much affordable: Another very important advantage and the reason why people prefer to live and study in Ireland is the affordability associated with the whole process. Ireland is one of the most important study destinations that provide the people with top-notch quality education with the most affordable fee structure inclusive of housing, insurance, tuition and several other kinds of cultural activities along with educational tours. The tuition rates, living cost and the recurring cost of the island are comparatively lower to the other nations like the United States of America or the United Kingdom.
  • It offers plenty of scholarships to the people: One of the most important reasons why people prefer to study in Ireland is the Irish government-based association and scholarships provided to the students. The Irish government along with several other kinds of institutions and international organisations offers different kinds of scholarships and fellowships to international students depending upon their field of study and the program which they are planning to pursue in the long run.
  • Ireland is a very safe country for the people: Ireland has a very good reputation of being a safe and well coming country to live as well as study and as per the global peace index Ireland has been ranked as 12th most peaceful country in the year 2013. Living and travelling into this particular nation is very much safe and secure for the people and the best benefit is that Irish people are also very much renowned across the globe for their friendliness which further makes sure that overall goals of the people studying over there will be easily achieved and they will be having a very safe and secure future.
  • Ireland is a very good cultural hotspot: All the students who have the dream of becoming successful in their life must go with the option of studying in Ireland because this particular island has produced four Nobel laureates in the literature and several other kinds of fields. The country comes with the best possible cultural activities, art galleries, museums and storytelling events which will further provide people with the complete opportunity of learning more about this thing and enjoying their overall stay very well.


 There are different kinds of courses being provided by the universities and colleges in Ireland which include the bachelor’s degree, bachelors degree honours, Masters degree, post graduate diploma, doctorate, higher doctor, two-year certificate, three-year diploma and several other kinds of courses. These courses are very easily available to different kinds of fields like information technology, management, engineering, biotechnology, pharmacy, applied science, hospitality, history, arts, and literature in various other kinds of fields. So, whenever the individuals are interested to avail leave all above-mentioned advantages than depending upon study abroad in Ireland consultants in Delhi is very much advisable for the people so that they can fulfil their overall purposes and enjoy the benefits perfectly. 

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