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how to sleep on the floor properly

Mattresses were designed to provide comfort for their users. They also help improve one’s quality of sleep which is vital for both mental and physical health. How comfortable you’ll feel, however, depends on many things. For one, the size of the mattress vis-a-vis your weight is the most important factor you should consider.

Also, the angle of inclination of the supportive surface plays a role. If you sleep on a flat surface, you might want to invest in a quality Sobakawa pillow to help align your body. The height of the surface could also be a factor for some people, which is why some prefer the floor to beds. But, is it advisable to put your mattress directly on the floor? Read on to learn more!

Is Sleeping on A Mattress on The Floor Bad?

Before the invention of modern beds, people used to place their mattresses down and sleep on the floor. Sleeping on a raised surface is a modern version that most people have embraced. It prevents your sleeping surface from being invaded by crawling creatures such as mice, rats, or snakes.

Despite this, some people still prefer placing a mattress down and sleeping on the floor. Others wonder if this style is suitable for them. To help you find answers, you need to weigh the merits of a mattress that is laid on the floor against its demerits. You should also implement certain tips if you prefer this style. Read on to learn everything about sleeping directly on the floor.

What are the merits of sleeping on a mattress placed next to the floor?

  • Cost

This is a common trend among low-income earners and students who find beds a bit expensive. When you place your mattress down and sleep on it, you can easily avoid incurring the costs of buying a bed. If you prefer sleeping down, you should invest in a quality mattress that can offer you excellent support as you sleep on the floor. Choose one from Purple, and enjoy the comfort of sleeping on the floor. Apart from excellent support, quality mattress also tend to last longer. Remember, the fact that it’s on the floor makes your mattress prone to damage. Therefore, the more durable the material, the longer lifespan you’ll enjoy.

  • Medical reasons

Most people who choose this style of sleeping often believe that it has a lot of health benefits. For instance, sleeping on a mattress that is laid down on a floor can enhance the circulation of blood in your body. Some sleepers also reveal that resting on the ground helps them minimize pain on body parts such as the back or neck.

Though sleeping on the ground can be quite comfortable, the type of mattress you choose can also determine how well you sleep. People who have scoliosis prefer sleeping on the ground rather than placing the mattress on a wooden bed. This condition is all about having an unnatural curve to the spine. When you lay mattress down, you enhance proper alignment of your spine and, therefore, experience less pain from this condition.

  • It is cool

If you sweat a lot while sleeping on a raised bed, you could try placing your mattress on the floor and see the difference. Excess sweating during the night can prevent you from relaxing all through the night. This is a common problem that most people who use memory foam mattresses have to deal with. According to science, hot air tends to rise since it is less dense compared to cooler air.

Sleeping on a high bed makes you deal with hot air. If you’re experiencing this problem, it might be time to try new things. Sleeping on a mattress placed on the ground helps you avoid the hot air currents. As such, you feel cool for long, improving your overall sleep patterns.

  • The change can be exciting

Have you been sleeping on a bed all through? You could try placing the mattress down for a change. This experience can be quite impressive. When you are in a better mood, it is easy for you to fall asleep fast and relax for hours.

Also, it does not limit you to a certain position. Feel free to set it up anywhere you feel like and keep on changing the locations from time to time. Since you can easily carry a mattress compared to an entire bed, it enhances flexibility.

Are there any disadvantages?

Though the above benefits can convince you to try this style, it is not meant for everyone. This is because of the following disadvantages.

  • It exposes you to dust mites and dust

If you are allergic to dust, sleeping very close to the ground can lead to respiratory issues, which may affect the quality of your sleep. Regardless of how clean you are, getting rid of household dust entirely is not easy. Placing the mattress on the floor makes it build up dust mites fast.

You can prevent yourself from such issues by thoroughly cleaning the floor before placing the mattress down. The cleaning should include both occasional mopping and vacuum cleaning. Consider cleaning the mattress from time to time to minimize the accumulation of allergenic creatures in it. If you are still experiencing such issues even after boosting your hygiene levels, then you should stick to sleeping on a raised surface.

  • Dampness

Before you place a mattress on the floor, you should place some form of ventilation beneath it. If you skip this step, then the floor can easily get damp. This is because as you lie on the mattress while sleeping, your breath produces moisture from the lungs. The moisture keeps on building up and condensing on the floor. The material of the mattress then absorbs this moisture leading to the formation of bacteria or mold spores. This can lead to a lack of air circulation in your mattress.

  • Bed bug problems

Even though sleeping on a mattress directly on the floor can be quite comfortable, it exposes you to a lot of creepy creatures, especially if you stay near the woods or in a crowded neighborhood. Creatures such as bed bugs are known to travel from one household to the next, and sleeping on the floor increases the risks of an invasion. They are easily attracted by things such as body heat and sweat and can cause you sleepless nights.

  • Side sleeping

The sleep position that you maintain can also help you determine if sleeping on the ground is for you. Most of the back sleepers do not have problems with this style since they get enough support from the solid floor. Side sleepers, on the other hand, find it difficult to sleep on a mattress that is placed down since the support surface tends to increase pressure on different body parts such as the shoulders and hips.

This can affect how you sleep since you not only have to deal with discomfort but can also experience pain on the shoulders or hips. People who sleep on the bellies should also avoid sleeping on a mattress directly on the ground since the surface can be too hard for them.

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