Slot Coming Soon: Which Slots should I definitely play?

Slot Coming Soon: Which Slots should I definitely play?

Online casinos, and in particular slots, are ever-growing in popularity and constantly evolving to cater to the needs of the modern world. This means that slot games are getting faster, bigger, more colourful, and more flash to suit the wants that people of this age have because everything is expected to be high octane and thrilling.

A side effect of this leads people to become bewildered over online slot games att because they are frequently changing and coming out with new ones. For those small fry, who are just beginning their online casino journey, it can get muddling to be among many intense games.

Sometimes, in the confusing times, you need a helping hand to guide you through to what slots that are coming soon you need to be definitely playing.. and that is why you have come to us!

We have mapped out the best games that have recently come to light and those that are coming soon so that you can play the hottest online slot games at the best of your abilities, here they are!

Mega Moolah

If you are after one of the hottest most well-developed games then you need to be playing Mega Moolah. Although it has been kicking about since 2006, the updates and evolutions to it make it constantly modern. If you fancy taking a punt at the largest progressive jackpot in the business, then it is time that you visited Mega Moolah!


Does anybody here remember Crystal Sun? If you don’t then it is the classic futuristic slot game that your parents will remember, and Starburst is its younger cousin ready for you to play. NetEnt’s top game has been pleasing players for years and their updates continue to do. Look out for what Starburst has to offer you this year!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

If you have not heard of the slot game then you have most definitely heard of its gameshow parent, under the same name. This definite must play has been developed from the classic tv show and will certainly bring you the millions… if you play it right, of course.

Superhero Slots

This generic genre of slot games is undoubtedly about to take off due to the new releases of Marvel and DC films that have been recently released. There are rumors that a hot new Batman game is coming, and the leaks show an abundance of bonuses that would keep any high roller happy for days!


Who wants to be a millionaire? In fact, who would rather be a trillionaire! Red Tiger Gaming’s newest hit is a high volatility slot game where if you dare to take the jackpot then you are dancing with the devil. This high-end slot game will leave players feeling like James Bond when he sees a couple of aces pop up in his hand.


This year will see a bunch of new games from renowned developers. It can be hard to know which are hot and which are not, so keep checking back with us to get all the info!

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