13 smart ways of learning a new language

learning new langauage

Are you going on vacation soon and want to improve your foreign language skills beforehand? Or do you want to change your job and need a new language? If you want you can hire a translation service provider for your ease. Alternatively these are a few simple tricks you can use to learn foreign languages.

1. Learn while travelling

Immersion programs are great for learning fast and learning good. You will just feel the need and the willing to communicate for daily tasks and also for fun!

On the other way, you can also take classes in language institutes while your staying. For example, you can get your Spanish skills on point in a Spanish school Buenos Aires at the same time you discover the porteño way of living.

2. Read books

Go to a bookstore or library and get books in the language you are learning. You can also ask your family or friends if they can recommend books or maybe even borrow them. It is only important that you are interested in the book and that it approximately corresponds to your level.

3. Discover comics in foreign language

Comics are ideal for beginners because they do not contain as much text as books and the pictures support understanding. The demand for comics has increased recently and there is a wide range of Spanish language comics on Amazon.

4. Get started with short stories

Short stories are also more suitable for beginners, because you can read them quickly and deal with the text more intensively. They are ideal for learning vocabulary and grammar and are easy to understand.

5. Learn vocabulary with online newspapers

Newspaper articles are difficult to write because they contain a lot of technical vocabulary and formal language. Therefore, they are more suitable for advanced users. There are now many newspapers online, which makes it easy to read articles in foreign languages.

6. Meet your next favorite blogs

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular, even in foreign languages. Google simply topics that interest you in the desired foreign language and you will probably find one blog that appeals to you. Browse through the posts and read everything that catches your attention.

7. Watch movies

Get vintage DVDs and give them use! DVDs contain multiple audio tracks and you can choose the language. You will find DVDs in English, of course, mostly in Spanish and another language.

If the films are originally in Spanish or French, this audio track is usually also included on the DVD. So rummage through your DVDs, watch which films are available online or rent films. Films are also increasingly shown in their original version (OV) in the cinema.

8. Get to know new series

The same applies of course to series – these DVDs also contain several audio tracks. Series are often even better than films for language learning, because the many short episodes make you more comfortable with the language. As a rule, you spend even more time with the language.

9. Immerse yourself in YouTube videos

You hardly believe it, but YouTube has a lot of tutorials! There are countless videos on almost all topics on this platform. Of course there are also videos in many different languages ​​and even educational videos. So click through and watch videos that appeal to you and are of interest to you apart from this you can also earn from YouTube as well.

10. Get curious about foreign TV shows

There are television channels in foreign languages ​​that can be found in the channel cycle. Many of these channels are also available online and you can watch series, news, the weather, sports, cooking shows, etc. there. It also helps if you only run the TV in the background, because a few words will still hang.

11. Listen to music

Songs are a very good way to learn a foreign language. We all respond to music, remember lyrics more easily and remember the melody. Most of the songs that are played on the radio are in English anyway, sometimes we come across a Spanish or French song. On YouTube you can listen to all songs for free, either with the video or with the lyrics.

12. Start playing podcasts

Podcasts have also grown in popularity. There are now numerous podcasts that you can listen to online or even download for free. It is enough if you listen to an episode every few days and maybe make a few notes about it.

13. Listen to audio books

Audiobooks have a decisive advantage: you can listen to them in the car, on the bus or on the train. So long journeys pass quickly and you even learn something.

Now that you came along a few methods to learn a new language, you can get started! Don’t forget to be patient and get a progressive long term learning.

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