How can a Software Engineer move to Canada?

How can a Software Engineer move to Canada?

This is a field that has been in high demand since the advent of the augmented age, but the recent Coronavirus pandemic has further increased the dependency on technology in almost all the sectors, from education to banking to retail, and become a software engineer has become much more lucrative option then it was before. As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics employment, the Software Developers position is expected to grow 21% from now till 2028; it is so much more growth than expectations in other sectors.

Job opportunities are exceptionally high in the province of Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario Toronto has been well known as the hub of technology for a long time, but with eth Suspension of H1B1 visa of the USA and its proximity to the US, British Columbia has slowly emerged as the new Silicon Valley of Canada. The Software engineers are also among the in-demand occupation list of the BC Tech Pilot program of 29 occupations.

The NOC job code for Software Engineers and Designers is 2173 A. There are different ways through which skilled and qualified applicants can move to Canada. The Express Entry program is the most popular choice, but the appellant can also choose to move through the Global Talent Stream. With the GST, the applicants will get picked by the corporates quickly as per their skills.  Finding work is the first step towards settling in Canada, and with GST, the visa processing takes days.  The visa permit and job application get processed in a short time.

What are the employment eligibility requirements for Software Engineers?

  • The minimum educational qualification of having a  bachelor’s degree, which is preferably in Computer science, Computer Science engineering, or software engineering
  • Licensing by a Provincial association of professional engineers to practice as a Professional Engineer
  • Engineers can register after graduation from an accredited educational program 
  • At least one year of work experience becomes essential 
  • Typically a software Engineer should have a good working knowledge of programming languages like C++, Java, and Python and also some basic knowledge of Content Management. 

What is the average salary of a software engineer in Canada?

The Software Engineers are paid handsomely, and the average salary is CAD 92497. The jobs can be pretty flexible with the part-time positions. In such cases, the hourly rate is set at CAD52.79 per hour generally. For the Entry positions, the salary can start from 61,002 per year, and after being experienced in the field, the amount can rise up to CAD 1,54,770.

The good part of being a Software Engineer is that there are companies who might even sponsor you to Canada or work in their Head office in Canada.  For this, the applicant will have to competent enough to handle a remote location with ease.  Normally the companies also hire locally unless you have some skills which they find missing in their Canadian market. In such cases, the complexity of the immigration process will be eased.   Therefore, if you have some unique skills, then it is best to contact the managers on your own through LinkedIn and other ways and make your immigration process easier.

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