10 Advantages of Street Light with Separate Solar Panel

street light with separate solar panel



Solar street lights are getting popular and replacing the traditional electric street lights. Solar street lights have separate solar panels which are designed to store heat energy from sun during day time. This heat energy is utilized by the solar street lights during night. The lights are automatic and have sensors. When it is night, the solar street lights turn on automatically and when sun arises, lights turn off automatically. These lights get energy from sun light and the heat energy is stored in the separate solar panels. The solar panel is just fixed at some high place and it stores enough heat energy that the energy can be utilized even in cloudy days. If sun doesn’t appear for some days, solar street lights can still use the energy already stored in solar panel.

The advantages of street lights with separate solar panel

There are many advantages of street lights with separate solar panel over traditional street lights. Let’s have look on ten advantages of street lights with separate solar panels.

1. No wires, no chances of accidents

Separate solar panels of solar street lights are wireless. They are fixed on poles and connected with street lights. The panels are photo voltaic, these panels are mounted on the poles and recharge the batteries in the LED lamps (the solar street lights). It means that these street lights work on batteries therefore they don’t require any wires. There is no tangling of wires which prevents accidents. No network of wires on the poles so there is a hurdle for birds etc. There are no chances of accidents due to wires if we use solar street lights with separate solar panels.

2. Energy storage

The separate solar panels of street lights can easily store energy in the form of heat during daylight. This energy is then used to light up the LED street bulbs in the night. There is no shortage of energy because the panels store enough energy which can also be utilized during cloudy days.

3. Cheap, less expensive

The solar panels of street lights are cost effective. They are not very expensive and available on cheap rates. If we compare their prices with traditional street lights, we can find cheaper lights and panels as compared to traditional street lights. Click here for further details.

4. Less annual expenditure

If there are solar panels for street lights, the residents don’t have to spend a lot on street lights. The annual expenditure on street lights is almost zero. The residents just have to spend some amount on annual repair etc. In case of traditional, electric street lights, the residents have to pay electricity bills every month.

5. No tension of electric supply

If there are separate solar panels for street lights, there is no tension of electric supply. If the electric supply is suspended due to any damage, your street will be lighted still.

6. No pollution

The energy which lights up the solar street lights is natural. So, the solar street lights with separate solar panels help to reduce the pollution in the environment. Natural source of energy i.e. sun is the major source of energy for solar street lights.

7. Avoiding inter dependency problems

Inter dependency problems can occur in case of electric supply. If there is a problem in power supply in one area, it will affect the other area. But in case of solar panel and solar street lights, there is no inter dependency problem. If there is any problem in electric power supply in any area, it will not affect the areas where street lights are working by using solar energy.

8. No theft, no street crime

There will be prominent decrease in street crimes because lights remain on whole night. There will be no street crime problems when there is a light. As solar street lights remain on during night, because they are using the stored energy of solar panel.

9. Construction and control are easy

The maintenance, construction and control of solar panels of street lights are not tough. It is easy to fix solar panels and complete connection is also easy therefore people can maintain it easily.

10. No need to turn on and turn off

If we are using traditional street lights, we have to do a continuous duty. We have to turn the light on and then off in the day time. The benefits of using solar street lights is that they will turn on and off automatically.


Everything has advantages and disadvantages. But the usage of solar street lights with separate solar panel has more advantages than disadvantages. Light up your streets with solar lights and save your environment from pollution.

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