spalarnia is get over with subterranean longing in Rozkosz

Functionality artist Wojciech Kosma descends into the Kletno Bear Cave to seize the erotically billed visual for ‘Rozkosz’, his most up-to-date observe beneath his musical moniker, spalarnia.

As spalarnia, functionality artist Wojciech Kosma can make experimental pop music with an explicitly queer, secular and anti-nationalist flavour. Trying to find to dismantle out-of-date notions of division involving jap and western Europe, Kosma interpolates Polish folk songs as the basis of his audio, utilizing trap percussion, drill bass, eurodance synthesis and an ear for irresistibly melancholy hooks to craft a singular choose on traditional musical varieties. On his second album, USTA, spalarnia addresses adore in its different refractions, checking out lust, motivation, sensuality and intimacy as a result of evocative lyricism and exploratory sonics. “I wrote these tracks wondering what would happen if I did not appear for appreciate, but sang as if it was previously right here,” clarifies Kosma. “I felt that it is not real that adore is intended to be missing, that you have to hold out for it. It’s been often in this article, it’s going on, in crazy quantities, and it tends to make the world, at least my planet.” On ‘Rozkosz,’ a sluggish and sensual spotlight from the album, Kosma groans by means of an electronic dirge charged with longing, a quivering homage to mind-boggling and all-consuming times of pleasure and delight. Blended by James Whipple, better identified as M.E.S.H, Hesaitix and now EEA, ‘Rozkosz’ finds erotic pressure in the interplay in between throbbing lower-close, sparse percussion, synthetic strings and primal flutes, coaxing lip-biting melodies out of negative place even though Kosma’s foundation shaking baritone pins the keep track of again down to earth with visceral heft.

For the ethereal visible artist Ewelina Węgiel labored along with movement artists Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo and Monika Błaszczak to collaborate with Kosma, illuminated in opposition to the dramatic backdrop of Kletno Bear Cave, the longest cave development in the Śnieżnik Mountains. Filmed employing both of those digital and 16mm movie, the film makes use of pale light and expressive movement to collapse the soaked partitions of the cave into the identical texture as glistening skin and soaking cloth, a portrait of lovers slick with sweat and rock worn smooth by condensation. Perspiring stone protrusions are seen with the exact same amorous gaze as necks upturned in ecstasy and fingers grazing outstretched arms. Milky stalactites drip onto expectant faces, calcium deposits shaped over hundreds of several years take on the sensual variety of clean bodies, although craggy rock faces layered against every other in photographic assemblage counsel organic mutations, organic and natural make any difference bursting at the seams, desperate to spill around into new, much more expansive, sorts. This desirous overflow reflects the yearning of Kosma’s lyrics, who follows a churning repeated refrain of “too much” with the assertion, “there’s never too much,” begging the issue, “why see with eyes if you can see with delight?” Just as generations remodel cave formations, hewn via mountain ranges with crushing tolerance, so too does the pressure of spalarnia’s need have radically transformative potential, as he sings: “under the include of delight, delight / I want to be your spouse and wife.”

‘Rozkosz’ is taken from USTA, which is out now. For much more details about Wojciech Kosma and his operate as spalarnia, you can adhere to him on Instagram.

‘Rozkosz’ Credits:

Administrators – Ewelina Węgiel, Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo, Monika Błaszczak & Wojciech Kosma
Performance – Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo, Monika Błaszczak and Wojciech Kosma
Camera – Ewelina Węgiel
Editing – Ewelina Węgiel and Wojciech Kosma
Shade Grading – Igor Kawecki

‘Rozkosz’ Lyrics:

also significantly much too substantially much too significantly way too a lot
of you there’s by no means much too significantly
much too substantially also considerably way too significantly way too much
by no means far too much of our delight
delight delight covers me appropriate
high-quality fantastic i can see fantastic
sky sky sky sky sky
by the slim veil of delight
why see with eyes if you can see with delight
below the cover of delight delight
i want to be your partner and spouse
remember to you should acquire my hand
our attractiveness may possibly make me break
just take me take me as husband as wife
for you i’m alight but i’m not at all alight
i am a happy oasis of eco-friendly
no other position like you and me
why see with eyes if you can see with delight

dosyć dosyć dosyć dosyć
nigdy nie mam ciebie ciebie dosyć
dosyć dosyć dosyć dosyć
nigdy nie mam dosyć naszej rozkoszy
rozkosz rozkosz całkiem mnie przykrywa
dobrze dobrze dobrze dobrze widać
niebo niebo niebo niebo niebo
przez rozkoszy cienki welon

po co patrzeć przez oczy jak można patrzeć z rozkoszy

pod rozkoszy rozkoszy zasłoną
chcę zostać twoim mężem i żoną
weź proszę moją moją rękę
z naszego piękna piękna zaraz pęknę
weź mnie weź mnie za męża za żonę
dla ciebie płonę chociaż wcale nie płonę
jestem zieloną zieloną oazą szczęścia
oprócz nas nie ma takiego miejsca

po co patrzeć przez oczy jak można patrzeć z rozkoszy

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