6 Exercises that will Help You Stay Fit for Life

6 Exercises that will Help You Stay Fit for Life

Every individual should take care of their physical health. It is essential to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. We tend to follow a lifestyle that includes junk eating without following any ways to digest it. Healthy living is now considered the most successful living. One should always include exercising in their daily routine. 

Every age group needs to do physical activities for a better life. It is not always a thin person who is healthy. A person who is fit emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually is considered a healthy person. If you feel lazy working out at home, you could search like a gym near me, visit the top 3 gyms, and decide accordingly.  

In this article, we would discuss the primary exercises that might help you stay fit forever. 

  1. Jumping Jacks: This exercise is very effective for the whole body. It is a combination of resistance work and aerobic exercise. This can work for muscles, the heart, and the lungs at the same time. If you do jumping jacks daily, there can not be any health problems in the future. The exercise involves shoulder and abdominal muscles that specifically work in hip flexors, glutes, quadriceps. There are also many benefits of jumping jacks like: 
  1. Increased HDL Cholesterol 
  2. Reduced LDL cholesterol 
  3. Increase in insulin sensitivity 
  4. Increased weight 
  5. Reduced blood pressure 
  1. Plank: The exercise should be done daily. You should be able to hold your body for at least 1 minute and gradually increase the time. This should be done regularly to stay healthy. It is recommended to not plank while pregnancy or if there is any shoulder injury. There are various benefits of doing plank-like : 
  1. Reduction of back pain
  2. Improved metabolism
  3. Improved body flexibility 
  4. Better postures and body balance 
  5. Reduced belly fat 
  1. Lunges: Lunges can tone your body and build strength by increasing muscle mass, especially in the legs and butt. It mainly works for hamstrings, gluteal muscles, abdominals, calves, quadriceps, and back muscles. The benefits of lunges are :
  1. It provides stability, balance
  2. Improves posture 
  3. Reduce chances of injury
  4. It helps in weight reduction 
  1. Burpees: Burpees can be the best exercise for a full-body workout. You should include it in your daily routine. The benefits of burpees are :
  1. Stronger lungs and heart 
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Improved functioning of the brain
  4. Lower risk of diabetes 
  1. Hip bridge: Hip bridge uses the gluteus muscles, which are the most significant muscle in the buttocks. It is a straightforward exercise that you can do by lying on a mat. The benefits are :
  1. Reduced lower back pain
  2. Reduce knee pain 
  3. Improved posture 
  4. Improved butt shape 
  1. Squats: It requires work with upper as well as lower body muscles. They target hip flexor, calves, quadriceps, etc. The primary benefits of squats are: 
  2. Reduced injury risk
  3. Reduces calories 
  4. Boosts strength and athletic ability 
  5. Strengthens the core 


There are different types of exercises that are carried to stay fit and healthy. One must choose the correct exercises to gain benefits. By following the exercises mentioned earlier, you could stay fit for the rest of your life.

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