How Super Apps are Going to Evolve the On-demand Industry – Know the Future Predicts

Super App


Do you remember when the last time you were waiting on the road for the cab to stop by your side? Or when did you wait at the restaurant to get your food? The days were gone. Now we don’t have to wait at the roadside for a cab or it is not required to wait at diners to eat out favorite food. Time has changed so quickly that now we can accomplish almost every task using mobile applications. 

According to the market Statista Dec 2022, smartphone users continued to grow worldwide, and it’s forecasted to reach 6.2 billion users by 2028. 

Super App

So with smartphone technology, we get to witness the latest mobility trends. In the mobility industry, the Super app trend takes the top place. The concept is not new, but recently it started to get the spotlight. Let’s take a glance at the Super app that will clarify how it became so popular in the on-demand industry in recent times. 

Journey of Super App 

Once upon a time, our phones used to be overfilled with several applications to perform different tasks. But time has changed, now we don’t require to install multifarious applications. Thanks to the technical evolution, which makes it possible to execute all in one platform. The all-in-one platform allows you to shop for various goods and services under one roof. So you don’t need to scroll through different apps; all the tasks can be executed on one platform named Super App. 

This multi-service solution widely affected the food, transportation, beauty, and healthcare industries. So at present, the food industry started to provide delivery services, grocery shopping, payment services, taxi booking service, and much more. The same is true for the transportation and healthcare market; they are open to collaborating with the ongoing trend. Mean to say that such industries are not limited to only one service; they started to sell several products under their one brand name. The below list shows some successful examples of super apps that transformed their single service business into a multi-supplier. 

Best Examples of Super Apps in the Asian Market 

The fact is that the Asian market is filled with so many super apps that have achieved considerable success indeed. Here are some examples that are enough to motivate you to take your business to the next level with the help of a super-app platform. 


The super app concept was originally introduced in China with WeChat. It was first established in 2011, and its headquarters is in Shenzhen, China. This platform offers various services like messaging, video and voice calling, e-wallets, mini-programs, and more. By offering various services, WeChat earned the tag of the most-used social media platform in China. According to reports 2022, WeChat had 1.24 billion active users on the platform and generated revenue of $17.49 billion in 2021. 


The next successful super app status stands for the Careem from Dubai. It was first started as a cab booking service but now avails various services in more than 100 cities in the UAE, Africa, and Pakistan. Careem offers various services like food delivery, digital payments, grocery, cleaning services, and much more. 


Here is another on-demand super app model – Gojek from the Indonesian market, established in 2012 in Jakarta. Gojek was first announced as a ride-sharing service but now offers variable services like grocery shopping, meal delivery, Go-ride, Gopay, financial services, entertainment services, and more. 


Alipay stands for the widely used platform for digital payments. Alipay was founded in 2004 in China. It offers various services like bill payments of credit cards, bank account management, ticket booking services, meal ordering services, and more. According to reports, it took over PayPal in the race for the world’s largest digital payment platform in 2013. So now, it validates more than 18 foreign currencies to make payments via Alipay. 

Apart from other software, Gojek is the best super app module in the on-demand industry, as it completed its super app journey in the short term. If you wish to get started with your on-demand business, White label gojek clone is the most suitable platform to obtain. All you require is a well development company that can develop multi-service software for your business. 

Characteristics of Super App 

Multi-service apps have become popular worldwide, allowing one to manage different tasks using one smartphone application. Super apps are innovative and developed with the latest tech stack so users can easily engage with the software. Here are some key characteristics that make the all-in-one app worthwhile to have. 

User Friendly Experience:

The first key feature that makes it worth using the app is its smooth scrolling of the app. Super app provides better user interference so one can quickly go through the app with its smooth navigation strategy. 

Data Protection: 

Multi-service apps are built with high security and data protection. So users can make sure their personal and sensitive data is safe in the app environment. 

Payment Gateways: 

Super app avails variable services to its customers so one can shop for their essential requirements. Hence, with so many services, one can use multiple payment gateways to pay. So users can seamlessly make payments with their preferred option. 

Advanced Features

One of the best benefits of using a multi-niche app is its advanced features. Users can take advantage of advanced features like live GPS tracking and in-app support for users, and the owner has all the access to control the task running under the platform. The feature list is too long to get through. Hence we have only added some essential characteristics to know. 

Future Analysis of One-Stop Shop 

  • According to reports Dec 2022, the super app global market will grow by 23.8% CAGR in the period of 2023 to 2028, which is truly beneficial for the on-demand economy. 
  • There is a high chance that the super app will attract the B2B market widely in the future. 
  • The next future forecasting stands for the banking industry since the multi-service platform offers digital transactions, so the banking sector might think to integrate their services directly with the business. 
  • The transportation industry will also be on track for growth since the app allows the best services for transportation. 
  • Apart from the transportation industry, the food, healthcare, and beauty sector will also expand their business with the help of such app platforms. 
  • Not only the Asian economy but Russia is on its way to raising its on-demand industry with the multi-service platform. Statista 2022 shows that Russia generated super app revenue of $51 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to grow its revenue by 163% by the end of 2025. 

Opportunities to Grab With Super App Platform

Your online store will surely offer you to engage with a large audience out there because we know that the majority of people prefer to shop online. Therefore the best benefit of getting one super app for your business is to increase your customer base by taking your business online. 

You can conquer the vast revenue stream by offering variable services to earn profit. You can earn a specific commission from users, merchants, and delivery partners. Not only that, but you can also apply the advertising strategy on your platform by promoting small or medium size merchants, which will lead to earn good profit from advertising. 

You can generate a long-term growth strategy with such software. As the multi-service app tendency is to offer multiple services therefore by the time you can introduce various products under your brand name, which will lead to growing your business in the long run as well. 

One of the excellent opportunities to grab with the multi-service app is that you can attract investors out there to interact with your app. So you can effortlessly grow your brand name with high investment. You can get various opportunities to grow your business with the super app in the on-demand industry. 

To Sum Up 

We can conclude that super apps widely affect the B2B and B2C industries. The future is ready to approach such app platforms with their multi-functional feature. Not only it gives value to merchants, but it offers flexibility for customers to interact with the software. So what are you waiting for? Be in the race before you get a large size of opponents. With low investment, you can expand your on-demand business with various opportunities. 

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