22 Years Old Famous Cyclist Taylor Jean Motorcycle Accident

taylor jean motorcycle accident


Do you know who Taylor Jean was? Why was she famous on the internet? Taylor Jean was a 22-year-old hot, bold, courageous female motorcyclist from Jacksonville, Flori da. She was famous on Instagram, and her username was a ninja.tay 21. She had two bikes, BMW S1000RR and Kawasaki ZX6R. 

However, the stunning cyclist met with a deadly bike accident in Florida, US, on May 24, 2022. And when Taylor Jean motorcycle accident news was out on the internet, all her fans were shocked and mourning for her.

Who was Taylor Jean’s love of life?

Beautiful Taylor Jean was in a relationship with 24-year-old Devin Bouley. He was also a biker like Taylor Jean from Florida. The couple was always active on Instagram and frequently posted pictures on it. This cute couple gave perfect couple vibes to their fans.

When Taylor Jean met with the accident, he was also one of them riding and got into the accident but survived with minor injuries. However, it is surely very tough for someone who lost the love of their life to a tragic incident.  

What was the actual reason for the Taylor Jean Motorcycle accident?  

As per local media news, on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Taylor went out for a ride, but before the ride, she stopped with her biker friends at Woody’s BBQ. Soon After, they rode just a mile a few of the riders, including Taylor Jean, met with a deadly accident at Palm Coast, North Old King Road. 

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, they were riding on the left side of the highway. However, it was the unluckiest day for Taylor and a few of her rider friends, as there was an SUV in the middle of the lane with a 48 years old lady driving it and a 16-year-old daughter inside it. Taylor and a trio of her friends lost control and bumped into the SUV.

Taylor died on the spot, and two of her friends who had serious injuries after the crash were rushed to the hospital.

Police investigated the tragic accident but could not identify the actual reason behind the accident. They stated that they were racing.

Fans’ reactions to Taylor Jean Death:

It came out as shocking news for her fans, as she was ideal for her fans. Fans were sharing condolences for her family and praying to god to give strength to them. The news traumatized many of her motorcyclist fans. Some of them wrote notes tagging her on Instagram, saying gone so soon, we lost another one today, rest in peace, and many more.   


Hence proved that 2022 is yet again a horrific year. Taylor Jean was just 22 years old, passionate, and a great social influencer. Taylor always loved to ride motorcycles. No one thought that a pleasant motorcycle ride would turn into an accident one day and would be the reason for her death. Police are investigating the accident, but there are many rumors that Taylor and her friends were racing. So, let’s hope the police investigate the Taylor Jean Motorcycle accident properly and find out the actual reason for the accident.

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