Ten Things to NOT Put in Your Gift Baskets

Your Gift Baskets

Buying gifts is such a difficult task for everybody. Even if you always want to put the best items in your gift basket, sometimes you can still offend the receiver unintentionally. Online Gift Baskets can assist you to make sure that everything is perfectly matched. They make sure to avoid items people already have a lot on hand. 

The stress of gift shopping can really test your patience. Coming up with the perfect present for everyone requires a lot of effort, and a single mistake could offend or embarrass your recipient. To be sure you’re not gonna spoil the recipient’s beautiful day, avoid giving these 10 items as gifts.


Others call them the “unmentionables” for some reason. Lingerie and underwear is a sexy gift for a partner, but save it for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day when the two of you are alone. Opening these naughty items around family and friends is totally awkward to the point of extreme embarrassment.


As the travel industry booms, you may think it’s nice to give a loved one some souvenir items from a certain place. This can let them know you think about them during your recent vacation. But the truth is that no one wants a souvenir from a trip they did not experience, especially if it’s an ordinary key chain or miniature fruits with their name on it.


For some reason, we might think that someone is ready to have his own pet baby. The decision to adopt a pet requires a lot of effort, time, thought, and planning. Not everyone is ready for this big responsibility, and giving a pet means years of commitment for the recipient. So never surprise them with a puppy or kitten if you don’t know the consequences if ever they reject your present.  


Each person has a different style. Buying clothes for someone else is really tricky.  There is a higher risk of choosing the wrong size, which could offend the receiver.

CD and DVDs

A copy of a trendy movie or album was once the perfect gift for a friend. But with the growth of digital technology and online services, CDs and DVDs are now obsolete items used for back-ups and records.


Children might get excited about a $10 bill in their stocking, but cash is a degrading gift for adults. If you can’t think of an item, give them chocolates or a basket of snacks instead of giving them money which can offend their feelings accidentally.

Household Basics

Apart from this is an ordinary necessity, the recipient may think you’re implying that they have a dirty household. It seems you are just too tired to think of a more valuable item. Never give them cleaning groceries if you don’t want to lose a friend.

Gym Membership

This implies a negative impression. It means the receiver’s body is not enough. Don’t give this unless they really want it.

Cheap Bowls

Every household has a different preference for kitchen items. If you aren’t sure about what they use for dining and cooking, it’s better not to give them at all. There are people who only use glass bowls and plates. So if you don’t want to waste money, just stick giving traditional gifts. 


This is not a new thing. We’ve all been the giver or receiver of this at some point in life. Unless really useful or practical, never recycle a gift for somebody else.

Gift-giving means you are grateful for knowing the person. Do not ruin your good relationship by giving them the wrong items you thoughtfully bought with sincerity. People will never appreciate your effort unless they like the gift itself.

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