The 3 golden rules for cricket betting

The 3 golden rules for cricket betting

Betting is a universal practice worldwide, and it can be online or offline. Regardless of your location and favorite sport like cricket, there are betting principles you must adhere to avoid losses. Although following rules isn’t easy, it’s good to observe the 3 golden rules for cricket betting. 

Even though online betting is legal in different countries, it’s an addictive habit that bettors should be careful with. People bet for various reasons like earning money, pastime, or side hustle, but they should be cautious not to fall victim to addiction but to bet responsibly. 

Indians bet more than any other country globally, and the number keeps growing. Since cricket is the number 1 sport in India, new bettors are prone to making losses, but with experience, they can make better choices. Before placing a bet, you need to know the weaknesses and strengths of the teams playing. 

Know the teams, the players’ current form as well as their abilities, and use the best betting sites for cricket to get fair odds for a possible win. Therefore, whether you’re a new or seasoned bettor, apply these three golden rules for cricket betting, and you’ll not regret it. 

Golden rules for cricket betting

Take time to understand the laws of cricket betting, whether you’re a novice or seasoned. Applying betting rules is vital, especially for those betting to earn money because the chances of winning are high. According to experts, the tips below will help you make better decisions when placing bets. 

Cricket dates back to the 1800s, making it one of the oldest sports globally, explaining why it’s loved by many. If you’re a cricket enthusiast, betting is regular, and regardless of the team you support, make sure you learn the game’s operations. 

Read and analyze pitch report

The pitch is one of the most important things to master about a cricket match as it helps you determine or predict the winner. You can tell if the batters or bowlers will win from the information on the pitch. 

Weather and temperature

Weather and temperature affect cricket significantly. For example, whether it rains before or during the game is vital and also plays a crucial role in the game of cricket. Rain can cause the running team to lose even if they hold a strong position.

Team position 

You can vote before or during the match considering the probability of players winning. If you choose to bet during the match, factor in how player XI has been performing to determine the expected win. Physical fitness is vital to players because fatigue can derail a player’s performance causing a defeat. 

A player’s past performance is also an essential factor when placing a bet. If a player’s past indicates growth, performing better is higher.  Besides your personal opinion as a bettor, weigh in expert analysis to make better decisions. Their views on the subject provide intel on the probable winner before the match. However, you shouldn’t rely on this analysis but incorporate or compare it to your knowledge. 

Tips for safe cricket betting

Bookmakers come in handy for bettors who are unsure how a game might turn out. Therefore, if possible, look for a trustworthy bookie and buy game odds so that you stand better to win. You can open various accounts at the best betting sites for cricket to open more avenues for a win. 

Place bets of equal amounts

Place uniform bets in any amount whether you lose or win. Don’t increase or decrease the amount because of an outcome because you stand a higher chance of losing money. Betting with the same amount makes it easy for you to recover a loss quickly. 

Betting with high wagers is tricky if you lose because you have to put in more money to recover the money. If you lose again, you have to repeat the process making it difficult to recover all the money.

Don’t risk putting all your money in a single bet since you can lose on the first attempt. However, divide the money into small amounts and use them to place different stakes. As a novice, be prepared for losses initially, but as time goes by, you become a pro and bag real money.

Bet responsibly to avoid addiction

Whatever your reason for betting, be careful not to create health problems for yourself through addiction. Responsible betting means you’re in charge of the entire activity and not the other way round. 

Be in control and set amount limits when betting that you should never exit. However, if you’re continuously breaking this limit, quitting betting is the best option.

Bet from two sides for more profits

Cast your net on both sides to avoid frustrations if your team loses. Since a cricket match is unpredictable, you’ll be safe to bet on both sides and relax as the game unfolds. 

Avoid betting and drinking because the two can bring about huge losses by betting on all your money. The chances are that betting while drunk will only bring losses because you don’t have time to think or analyze the match.

Know the reason for betting

Know the reason for betting; is it a pastime or to earn money? The answer to this question might seem straightforward, but the time, effort, and money you invest in this venture will determine your stand. 

Once the reason for betting is apparent, how you approach betting will change. Understand that it’s not a get-rich scheme. You need to be committed and put your thoughts into each step of the game without getting greedy. 

The get rich mentality messes up most novices as they end up spending too much money with the hope of getting more. It’s even worse when you decide to spend more money that you don’t have to place bets.


Understanding cricket and how to place winning bets is essential as it helps bettors make informed decisions. The three golden rules of cricket betting allow you to study a team, players, and past performance patterns and decide where to place the bet. Moreover, these golden rules help you judge when to place your bet, before or during a match, for the best outcome. 

The tips above will come in handy for both novices and pro cricket bettors alike. Your cricket knowledge helps put helpful strategies in place that propel you to success. Know that betting is a game of changes and anything is possible.

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