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The Addams Family 2 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

The Addams Family 2 2021 Full Movie

The Addams Family 2 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

The Addams Family on the big screen has been a story of unavoidable losses. After Barry Sonnenfeld’s massively pleasant true to life support and 2019’s amiable vivified history, The Addams Family 2, coordinated by the Sausage Party matching of Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, alongside Laura Brousseau, is a further weakening of the tone and virtuoso of Charles Addams’ 1938 New Yorker funny cartoon. The unnecessary continuation is neither unpleasant, screwy, baffling or creepy (also ooky) — it’s outright old bland.

The story is a paper-meager issue as Gomez (Oscar Isaac), feeling Wednesday (Chloë Grace Moretz) is floating away from him, reports the family are going on an excursion in a Wacky Races-styled camper van to — what other place? — Death Valley. In this way, there are stop-offs at Niagara Falls (bouncing around in barrels malarkey), Miami (Snoop Dogg’s Cousin It appears on a stream ski), San Antonio (Wednesday enters a Miss Jalapeno expo that finishes like Carrie’s prom) and the Grand Canyon (Javon ‘Want to’ Walton’s Pugsley blows poo up).

The plot driver, all things considered, rotates around a legal advisor who looks actually like Wallace Shawn (joyfully voiced by him as well) pursuing down the group to get Wednesday to go through a DNA test to demonstrate she isn’t an Addams (the justification behind this is clear consistently). In the interim, Pugsley is taking dating tips from Nick Kroll’s Uncle Fester (fantastically unfunny) and Bette Midler, as Grandma Addams, is arranging a boisterous local party while housesitting the family manor (possibly funnier).

The just satisfaction comes from Moretz’s funny, wilting line readings (“I’ve been social separating since birth”, “Excuse me, vacuous lemmings”) and a running gag about a couple getting ready for marriage. The rest is a mishmash of melodic breaks (Megan Thee Stallion hobnobs with oldies: Pugsley being voodoo-dolled going to House Of Pain’s ‘Bounce Around’; Lurch belting out Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ at a biker bar), irregular pop-social standards (a Jaws cart zoom gag, a Billie Eilish riff), dull droll (Fester drops his ‘balls’ while shuffling) and dry voice exhibitions, shockingly from Isaac and Charlize Theron, catching nothing of Gomez and Morticia’s science and passion.

The Addams Family 2 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

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