The Art of Making Homemade Ramen


A Japanese noodle soup recipe called ramen has spread like wildfire throughout the world after leaving the country of its origin. The dish is Chinese in origin, and the umami flavor is the key to its popularity. Additionally, you can make Japanese homemade ramen instead of the unhealthy quick, store-bought variety.

With many topping options  like chashu, eggs, pork, bean sprouts, nori, bamboo shoots, scallions, and others, in a rich umami broth. 

Pork bones, chicken bones, or even miso paste can be used to create a base with a strong umami flavor. There are four prominent Ramen broth options: shio, miso, shoyu, and karre.

The process indeed takes time, even though it is not difficult. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to save time and cook the ramen broth quickly rather than spending hours on the stove.

Use Miso in Your Broth

Add white, yellow or red miso to the broth for an umami rich vegan broth. Adding sesame paste will only add to the richness of miso. This type of Ramen is called Tantanmen. Of course, adding pork or chicken bones for an even richer flavor is acceptable. Nowadays, it’s easy to find miso paste in Asian markets or even the Asian food section of your local store. . So, give it a go and see what option you like. After all there is no one way to have Ramen. 

Adding a Ramen egg

Ramen eggs  not only add to the gorgeousness of Ramen but this perfectly cooked jammy egg is an addiction in itself. Boiled for exactly 6-7 mins and then marinated in soy sauce. The moment of excitement is when they crack open the egg and its perfectly jammy with the marinade stain on the outside. It’s the final piece de resistance. 

Veggies belong on Ramen too. 

Even when it comes to comfort foods like vegsn ramen, the Japanese try to eat healthy. For this reason, most Japanese ramen recipes call for various vegetables. Add your vegetables a few minutes before the broth is done or stem your veggies snd add them to the top. You cant go wrong with carrots, broccoli, corn, scallions, and perhaps other in-season greens. Additionally, you can choose a single veggie or combine different vegetables if you’d like. Ramen has that appeal that you can play around with endlessly until you discover your perfect combination of ingredients.

Get Your Protein Dose

Japanese ramen is not only one of the best comfort foods available today; if you make it a point to add enough protein, it can also help you feel fuller for longer. So make sure your ramen contains meat in addition to the egg. The most common choices are typically pork chashu or chicken. . If you decide to use pork, remember that the best meat choice for flavorful ramen is chashu pork. You cant go wrong with stir-fried tofu if you’re looking for a meat-free recipe that will satisfy your hunger just as well.

Aroma oil for that extra something. 

If you know Ramen you know aroma oil, that globs of oil floating on top. Usually made with a neutral oil simmered with either garlic, ginger or scallions. For the people that go the extra mile a black garlic or truffle oil can be added. 


If you need help determining what kind of ramen you like and want to try a wide range of traditional Japanese-style ramen ingredients, then google spices for ramen and strat cooking.

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