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While the rapid spread of Omicron across Europe may have seen an increase in Covid restrictions (particularly in light of the news that the new variant has the potential capacity to escape the Pfizer vaccine).

However, there is still increased potential for travel when compared with last year, which will be music of the ears to people who want to visit far-flung destinations while continuing to make money.

But what are the best jobs or income streams for people who like to travel? Here are some of our top picks:

#1. Blogging

While the halcyon days of blogging may have been during the noughties and the formative years of the digital age, it’s still perfectly possible to make money through this practice in 2021.

Certainly, Google’s algorithm changes have been increasingly focused on prioritising quality and the user experience, so bloggers who commit to creating high-quality content and showcasing genuine expertise can definitely monetise their knowledge or passion to their advantage online.

Monetisation is the key here, with the best option being to publish relevant ads on your blog site and accrue passive income over time.

You may also want to sell coveted guest post spaces to similarly authoritative and sought-after voices in your chosen field, with this also enabling you to bank significant sums of cash over time.

#2. Trading and Investing

On the subject of generating passive income, you may also want to consider leveraging the global financial market.

There are two primary ways in which you can achieve this, through trading derivatives and speculating on various market price movements to engaging in buy-and-hold investment strategies that can deliver more secure stores of wealth that appreciate over time.

When it comes to trading, you may want to target major currency pairs through the forex market. This offers you access to increased liquidity, while leveraging trading platforms on Oanda can also afford you inflated leverage and disproportionately large returns over time.

In the case of investment, you may engage in longer-term strategies by holding tangible assets like stocks and gold. This is ideal for risk-averse investors, particularly those with a long-term outlook who want to bank consistent returns over time.

#3. Tour Guide

If you intend to travel for an indefinite period of time and want to undertake physical roles while on the move, there are several options you may want to consider.

One of the most obvious is to become a tour guide, which allows you to interact and engage with like-minded travellers while simultaneously utilising your knowledge of specific locations and attractions.

Additionally, you could consider teaching English in certain locations across the globe. After all, this is the second-most frequently spoken language in the world, while the demand for such services is particularly high in popular tourism destinations such as Southeast Asia.

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