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Even the most cautious drivers keep a check on their speed can skip a low-speed limit sign or follow traffic without keeping a check on their pace. Radar detectors warn you as soon as a police radar gun is active. It works as a reminder to slow you down and help drivers prevent getting tickets.

Speeding violation is a common reason to get red and blue flashlights behind you. A good radar detector will avoid you from making such mistakes. Hence, you should buy a radar detector that comes with a long range and is precise. Here are the top 10 radar detectors given for you. Take a look:

  • Escort MAX 360C

The Max 360C provides amazing long-range functionality with amazingly efficient false alert filter. Virtual arrows suggest where police radar is. It blocks false alerts such as electronic speed signs or laser-functioning doors. It also offers speed-dependent sensitivity changes and slow-speed warning muting.

  • Uniden R7

The Uniden R7 offers amazing range and sensitivity along an assorted series of options. The setting may take longer but the procedure is intuitive. It can easily signal MultaRadar and RedFlex photo system and provide three-sensitivity setup for precise alerts, regardless of your driving conditions. Arrows on the screen inform the driver where the radar is. 

  • Radenso XP

It offers sufficient options to meet the needs of all types of drives. It comes with GPS technology to avoid false alarms and warns drivers of the red light and speed cameras. RadensoXP comes with a button-press adjustment and an OLED display that is readable even in the sunlight.

  • Uniden R3

It is an entry-level detector. Though not the best, it still provides the best results for the money spent because of its long range, GPS abilities, false alarm filtering and efficient red-light camera and speed warnings.

  • Cobra RAD 380

Cobra RAD 380 offers 360-degree coverage, with false alarm filter and a convenient to read display. It identifies police radar and laser signals and works as a perfect protection when driving on the highway. It is the best radar detector under $100.

  • Escort Redline 360c

Escort Redline 360C is an inexpensive portable system perfect for urban drivers who need long range. It detects false alerts and allows drivers to share and get live alerts with fellow drivers. 

  • K-40 Platinum 360

The K40 Platinum 360 comes with front and back radar detection that works amazingly well. It offers early notification and when teamed with a laser defuser, it gets completely foolproof. It will pay for your tickets for one whole year.

  • DFR7 Long-range Laser Radar

The DFR7 portable system offers the best service at a low price like Uniden R7 and Uniden R3. It comes with a GPS that can memorize and silent false alarms.

  • Cobra RAD 480i

It detects signals from the front and back of your car and offers all round security. It provides live alerts to red light, speed camera and prevents anti-false alarms. 

  • Cobra XRS9370

It is an affordable radar detector with good performance. It offers additional detection range and lowers frequency of false alarms.

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