The current role of online teaching in India

Article 1: The current role of online teaching in India

The pandemic situation brought about a huge change in the way education is being perceived around the world. from physical schools where students have been attending classes in the classroom to attending classes via an online teaching, Students had to undergo a significant change and have been managing with it ever since. it should be noted that the Indian education system was not at all prepared for online teaching . In fact, after covid-19 happened, in the initial few months the schools remained completely closed, with the classes of the students being stopped indefinitely. This raised several concerns regarding the future of the students in academia. It was only after a few months that all major boards convened together in a meeting and decided to undertake online education as the next alternative.

Online teaching revolution in India

It Should be noted that prior to the pandemic, the country was slowly preparing itself for digitalization across all its sectors. In fact, there were a few online learning websites found on the web all working towards providing online education. However, it was only after the covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the shutdown of all major educational institutions, that the online teaching revolution in India started. Initially, there has been a huge confusion regarding the best app for online classes when it comes to the students opting for online learning. Moreover, there was also a reluctance present amongst the students and their  parents, because they felt that online learning had very little benefits when compared to offline learning. As a result students and their parents were sure regarding what kind of educational application they should choose when it came to online learning. However, when it was made mandatory by the government that all school students stay back at home, and attend online classes, students and their parents had to slowly adjust themselves with the new change. In the last two years the students have wholly adjusted themselves when it comes to online learning and have also realized the several benefits that are associated with the same. Moreover, it has also been found that features find it simpler to teach a large class at the same time and make the learning more manageable. 

Benefits of online learning

There has been a significant increase in demand from the students as well as from several education Institutions when it comes to online learning. The government has played an important role in ensuring That All students have the means of availing the benefits provided by online learning and implementing it in their regular studies. Moreover, there have been many private institutions that have come forward and help needy students in the Indian subcontinent with technology that has helped them in availing the opportunities provided through online learning. In the following section the benefits that are provided through online learning has been discussed briefly.

  • One of the first benefits that online learning provides is that of convenience. It is easier for students to schedule a class and attend it from any part of the world that they wish to. All that they require is a technological device such as a laptop or Tablet or even a smartphone. This is bed with a stable internet connection that will enable the students to connect with their teachers to the use of an online medium.
  • Another important benefit provided to this medium is that of flexibility. This means that students have the liberty of setting up the online classes by managing their entire study schedule and attending classes accordingly. The same is also applicable to the teachers who are able to schedule those classes and manage the students according to their timings.
  • Moreover an added benefit that is found through online learning is that it provides for the use of modern tools and technologies that makes the learning process easier and very engaging. students have the liberty to use modern tools such as gamification and flipped classrooms through which they are able to manage their studies and have a better understanding of what they’re learning.

Therefore it can be stated that online learning has brought about a significant change in the Indian subcontinent.

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