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The Kochi Tuskers Kerala

The Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Many teams have appeared and disappeared from the Indian Premier League. There are different sports betting online on 1xBet website, and the cricket wagering opportunities here are fantastic from every point of view. One of the teams that spent a single season in the IPL was the Kochi Tuskers Kerala, also known as the KTK. As its name implies, the team represented the city of Kochi from the state of Kerala.

In general, this team didn’t have remarkable results during its very short history. However, they were part of the first expansion of the IPL, which is an important milestone in the history of the competition. The 1xBet website has different online sports betting options, and on the platform, it is possible to find huge odds.

Expanding the Indian Premier League

Originally, the Indian Premier League was born with 8 squads. However, there was an auction celebrated on the 22nd of March 2010. The idea of this event was to allocate two new franchises to cities in India who didn’t have an IPL team of their own yet. The IPL betting odds on are excellent, and when combined with the convenience of the platform, the experience is incredible.

Some of the cities who were interested in having teams of their own and took part in the auction included:

  • Pune;
  • Nagpur;
  • Kochi;
  • and Indore.

From this list, Pune and Kochi were awarded franchises. This led to the creation of the KTK and the Pune Warriors India respectively. Originally, it was planned to name the team Indi Commandos. However, many people in India and the rest of the world voiced very negative opinions about this fact. In the 1xBet website, it is possible to find great IPL betting odds on all the matches of the tournament.

The end comes

According to the BCCI rules, which is the entity that controls the Indian Premier League, prior to each season, each squad must pay a franchise fee. The deadline for the payment came, however, no payment was made. The BCCI tried to contact those responsible for the KTK, but received no response. On the platform it is possible to make great wagers on all the competitions that are organized by the BCCI.

Apparently, the payment wasn’t made because of disagreements within the management of the squad. As the payment was never done, on the 19th of September 2011, it was announced that the KT were expelled from the competition. For this reason, the 2012 season of the IPL had only 9 squads. All the teams of the IPL are featured at the 1xBet site, where users can follow one of the best cricket competitions in the world.

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